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  1. MattB33

    Lumix Gh2 14-42

    420 shipped domestic usa
  2. MattB33

    Lumix Gh2 14-42

    Bump, I lost the Lumix charger and off brand battery last weekend.
  3. everyone went to skateboard city
  4. MattB33

    Early 2011 Macbook Pro $450

    Sounds good, It most likely will be so I'll shoot you a PM in Feb.
  5. MattB33

    Early 2011 Macbook Pro $450

    320Gb hard drive. edit: Here's the craigslist listing I have up of it right now, http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/sys/5385392478.html
  6. MattB33

    Lumix Gh2 14-42

    I'm not really looking to split to be honest, but throw out an offer. If I like it i'll let it go.
  7. MattB33

    Lumix Gh2 14-42

    This is kind of a feeler if I get a decent offer I'll most likely sell it since I never use it. Comes with Og Lens Caps/Manual/Charger/Battery/Box/Lanyard and Lens Pouch (Not Pictured) an extra battery w/charger, variable nd filter/intervalometer. Also open to trades
  8. MattB33

    M4/3 Fisheye

    Samyang Rokinon Opteka Peleng idc if its scratched etc not looking to spend more than like 100-140
  9. MattB33

    Thoughts On Polyamory?

    you cuckolding son of a bitch
  10. MattB33

    Lil Goofy Radio

  11. MattB33


    nice aesthetic brAh sik tumblr t0t@lly f0ll0w3d u xoxoxo 420
  12. MattB33

    Who Does More Pot

    Good job getting caught