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  1. 7rint

    Christmas Day

    more wandering. Leica M8.2
  2. 7rint


    i don't fully connect with the subject material, though that's more just a blockage within myself not poor quality photography. great moments captured and some interesting lighting in the second. rad shots
  3. As an early christmas present my mom got my old rolls printed for me so I'm pretty hyped on that. Could be better scans but oh well. bonus 1 bonus 2
  4. 7rint

    Gayyyyy Styyyyyyyrrrrrlll

    i wish he was grinding for longer than two inches and that hand stee is crazy. but never the less it is a well taken photograph i think. edit: also if he was grinding longer than a couple inches you could have put him infront of that nice brick wall behind and used the trees a border
  5. 7rint

    Wandering The Coastline

    not sure really what i'm doing with my photography lately but i've been chilling with this super physcadelic chick lately who takes me to rad spots in the forest and along the coast so I've been documenting the moments. bonus
  6. 7rint

    Wallie Roadsign 9 Stair

    just stand on the stairs and shoot it from a front angle somewhere on his frontside obviously. i mean realistically unless the signs was a bumpy road sign, arrow, X or something rad. a construction worker hardly adds much. I am sure we would be able to make out that he was ricotcheting off some sort of metalic object before launching down that set we can so barely see.
  7. 7rint

    New Voigt Lenses

    a 28mm f2 and a 50mm 1.1 just for portraits and such, but it's kinda fun as well. bonus
  8. 7rint

    Ollie Bump To Bar

    those walls look prettty nicely colored. i wonder why you didn't shoot against them and also to show long long and steep the ramp is.
  9. i mean. he popped it. and flicked it. caught it. brought the thing down. full on commited. seeing that bail i wouldn't ever want to try one again. that was as legit as it's gonna get until someone rolls away. and even still that bail is legendary. no hate from me
  10. 7rint

    Morning Light

    trying a few different things with the new cam
  11. 7rint

    The First M8 Snaps

    thanks man. I won't be filming really unfortunately. I need to focus on a full part again this season and I would like to concentrate more on photography at this point in my life. but one of my closest friends has a vx2k set-up so I've been filming clips with that if I need, always nice to use a vx
  12. 7rint

    The First M8 Snaps

    got rid of my 5D kit and picked up an M8. So far it's been treating me well.
  13. 7rint

    Bs Overcrook Pop Overs

    as if that flatcar is real
  14. 7rint

    Big As Hell Sw Fs Flip

    this trick is gnarly. but i think this photo sucks. just something about it feels off. firstly i had trouble figuring out if he was coming from the steps and gapping over the barrier. or gapping over the barrier and then the set of stairs. it took me a while to figure out he actually was coming towards the camera, that bush on the takeoff kind of tricks the mind into thinking he wouldn't be coming from there. there is absolutely no depth in this photo at all so the background and foreground seem very distracting to me and he is easily lost in the image. I mean you could even square crop and i think the composition would be better. i just really feel this could have been done a lot better considering the trick being done. but congrats on the publish that's rad.