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  1. I miss those warm n' fuzzy times where I lived with my Mom, would come home from school, eat tons of Nutella out of the jar, drink cases of Arizona green teas non-stop and lurk SP for hours (while often staying up all night!) Those were definitely some defining moments of my life. I'm thankful to SP for so many great memories, countless hilarious shenanigans, and the ability to meet some awesome friends who I'm still in touch with to this day.
  2. Hej everyone, I just moved to Copenhagen about a month ago, to go to Copenhagen Business School. I haven't met any skateboarders here yet and was wondering if there were any Danish SP members who wanted to go skate in or around Copenhagen! Let me know because I'd love to start skating as much as possible again!
  3. erikapk

    Congrats Steve*!

  4. erikapk

    Pretty Sweet

    Can't stop watching this video either. It's so inspirational to see many of the skate legends who I grew up idolizing, still killing it in their 30s and still baffling my mind with their talent.
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    Netjiot V2

    Just stopping by to say hi!
  7. i mizz yu 2 this places is like a time warp

  8. Hahahahaha thank you, thank you. T'was the most exciting event I've ever partaken in. PJ is his idol and was actually Morgan's main influence to start doing more flip tricks/technical skating when he was younger. It was a dream come true for him that he ended up facing PJ in the finals.
  9. Boo hoo, cry/hate all you want but Morgan still SWEPT him fair and square.
  10. erikapk

    Battle At The Berrics 4 Finals

    No, he didn't win. He actually got 4th.
  11. really? haha thats sick! what school are you going to?

  12. Saw a guy at school repping an EHLIENS hoodie during final exams. So sick! :)

  13. i mizz yew (:

  14. JAKE QUAIN! Wow! What a pleasant surprise to see a comment from you after signing on here for the first time in a while! I hope life has been treating you incredibly!!!!! :)

  15. Where have you been!?