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  1. Random Photo Discussion

  2. Scanner for 35mm

    just out of curiosity, what is the workflow for that? do you put the negatives on a light table?
  3. The Large Format Thread

    i have a horseman 45hd + fujinon 5.6 150mm. i got a strobe w a battery pack that all fits into a backpack with it making it not a complete hassle to use. shooting large format is fun.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    First roll i put through the t4 reset at the 12th exposure and the film wouldnt advance or rewind lol. Cut it out and seems fine with a new roll but i can’t imagine it was a good sign also does anyone remember a photo somebody posted on here of somebody in a tanning bed but like in somebody’s room? It was sick
  5. Anomaly Issue 1

    reminds me of some jeff wall type stuff. too perfect to be real but still believable. i like it
  6. VX or HD

    get a vx1000 and mk1 OR get an hpx170 and save up for an extreme and just film long lens for a while. you should probably just film onto sony premiums and use the money left over from the vx/mk1 to get a capture cam to get footage onto your computer. you could try filming with that digital recorder but what happens when your friend is in the middle of their line and the cable gets knocked loose? it just doesn't seem practical for skating.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    Dont worry i totally spent like half my tax refund on a t4
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    What about the fuji klasse? I saw stephen shore talk on saturday. He’s old.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    what'd you pay for it? i want to just buy one off of ebay that i'm sure is overpriced but it's hard seeing what they used to go for on here..
  10. Scanner for 35mm

    wet mount scan and use silverfast.
  11. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    isn't the AJ-PX270(whichever one the huf filmer has) the widest out of the hpx/hvx family with an extreme?
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    mcgreevy's in albany ny.say you're a student.
  13. Filmer Backpacks

    https://bravocoworldwide.com/collections/all-products/DELTA this is supposed to be a good bag.. wouldn't personally know though since i've never seen it in stock. i think it's atiba's company
  14. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    I think everyone who gets it knows it’s less distorted than the mk1. Price just seemed like what you were concerned with.... the most distortion =\= the best lens or camera set up. Ps. I love that in day ~3 of sp being back this is one of the first threads. Somethings never change <3
  15. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    Seems like OP needs more money.