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  1. Jon Rogers

    Bagged Jetta

    Is it yours?
  2. Jon Rogers

    Bagged Jetta

    Ohh god another mk4......... Just kiddin looks good and nice photo work!
  3. Jon Rogers


    I wanna Keep it all together...
  4. Jon Rogers


  5. Jon Rogers


    BUMP! Might trade for canon L Series glass. I can add cash.
  6. Jon Rogers


    I'm a Music video Cinematographer & depending on the budget of the project i make anywhere between $500-$5,000 per project. usually equates to about 40-50$ per hour on set +preproduction time.
  7. Jon Rogers


  8. Jon Rogers


  9. Jon Rogers

    I Need A Vx

    I've got a Vx2/MX3000 for sale. I need to get this sold i'll hook you up. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showtopic=278495
  10. Great condition VX2/MX3 (no mod) Comes Lowepro with Case, 2hr/4hr batteries, Charger. Get at me for pictures, footage. Looking for cash, or trade Canon 480/580 flash.
  11. Jon Rogers

    Fs: 4 Pocket Wizard Trans. 2 555s

    Dude, you can buy them brand new for 169.00 - might want to lower your prices. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/4413...iver_Radio.html
  12. Jon Rogers

    Fs: Hassleblad 500 C/m

    Bump This is for sale, and just found out the shutter might have a issue.
  13. Ok, So i'm posting this for my friend AndyHensler, He's been on SP for a few years, but dosent have enough posts to get into the for sale forum. (I previously posted his vx2100 for sale) Hassleblad 500 C/M 80 T* carl zeiss lens Waist level viewfinder Eye level view finder 2 film backs komura 2x tele converter polaroid back This is in fully working condition, backs have no light leaks; I purchased used 5 years ago, and only used it a few times. Im rocking a d700 so this guy doesn't get much use. I can post tagged photos upon request. If you buy the entire kit, i'll throw in some expired rolls of 120. No Trades Will Split Ships UPS Paypal Only $750 USD - OBO Hop on this quick, before I post it on ebay.
  14. Jon Rogers

    Want 35mm Slr

    I've got a canon ae-1 program with extras. PM me for photos
  15. Jon Rogers

    Fs: Fixie Parts De