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  1. rom4n301

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    yeaaaaaa, i realize that but being a starving artist and all is really crushing the amount of money i can drop on a new camera. im down with digital shit if theres something afordable, i just figured minidv/ hi8 would be super cheap
  2. rom4n301

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    im ganna be filming mostly graffiti related activities, along with some skating/ art stuff but mostly graff, so any on camera lighting would not be ideal. i was checking out reviews and stuff, dvx100 might be the move.
  3. rom4n301

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    any other alternatives to the dvx100 that may be cheaper?
  4. rom4n301

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    ooohhh shit, deffinitly looking into the dvx100. goddamn some of them are going cheap, thanks yo! and i would go with a dslr however i already have a 5d and dont have the money to replace it with something that does video.
  5. whats up skate perception peoples. i know nothing about camcorders or filming and im looking to buy a hi-8 or minidv camera. I need something thats good for low light to extremely low light situations and i will not be using any type of camera mounted lighting. do you guys have any recomendations? im trying to save as much money as possible so i'll probably end up going with hi-8
  6. rom4n301

    Give Me Your Money

    ahhh trueee, i figured you did something like that but thought maybe you did it manually with a wacom. thanks for the help!
  7. rom4n301

    Give Me Your Money

    yooooo these are real dope!! howd you do that stippling all unorganized like that?
  8. rom4n301

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

    @gordon__cole havnt posted lately cause ive been working on a zine. but ganna have some stuff up real soon
  9. rom4n301

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

    lurked on a few links gave out a few follows. check out my shit at gordoncoleart.tumblr.com
  10. rom4n301

    Going Nowhere, Really Fast Canvas

    word. just sayin. those faces is all this dood does and it looks REALLY similar
  11. rom4n301

    Going Nowhere, Really Fast Canvas

    looks like a bite from this dood who writes beerz
  12. its been working perfectly up until the other day it just wouldnt turn on. anyone know what could cause this. i tried charging the battery and it was fully charged. my main problem is i cant get the tape out.
  13. rom4n301

    Another Free Stuff Thread.

    i is in..
  14. rom4n301

    Kiev 88 Outfit

    how much you want for iether set up