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  1. Sony 20 Watt Light

    No sorry. I don't know how to delete this.
  2. Sony 20 Watt Light

    How about $35 for it all? If not I'll probably just keep it.
  3. Sony 20 Watt Light

    For how long?
  4. Sony 20 Watt Light

    Selling my Sony HVL-20DW2 light with a charger and battery (Maximal Power NP-F950). I'm look to get about $45 for all three. SOLD!!!!!!!
  5. SOLD! I haven't posted in a while.... I'm looking to get about $180 for it. EDIT: The lens works fine and is scratch free.
  6. Fs: Canon Hf M30 + Opteka Fisheye $300

    $200 for the whole setup? Too low. I'll post some footage when I get home. I don't have much much though. All I do is work. No time to film, sadly. Just lowered the price to $300 or OBO. Willing to trade for a t2i or t3i, etc. Edit: Here's some footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D498_lAxDTc It's not the best. I've only used the camera a few times. The fisheye once.
  7. Ipod Classic

    Nevermind....how do I delete this?!
  8. Laptop, Kindle Fire, Xbox Games, Snowskate

    Nevermind. He sent me a tracking number.
  9. Laptop, Kindle Fire, Xbox Games, Snowskate

    Anyone know if this guy is legit? I sent the money and haven't got a reply back. Just wondering.
  10. Snes/gamecube/n64

    Bump (first and last).
  11. Snes/gamecube/n64

    Anyone have any of the consoles they are willing to sale? Hopefully with some games. Hit me up on my email treskate@gmail.com (i'll reply faster) or on here. I have paypal. Thanks.