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  1. Sony 20 Watt Light

    Selling my Sony HVL-20DW2 light with a charger and battery (Maximal Power NP-F950). I'm look to get about $45 for all three. SOLD!!!!!!!
  2. Sony 20 Watt Light

    No sorry. I don't know how to delete this.
  3. Sony 20 Watt Light

    How about $35 for it all? If not I'll probably just keep it.
  4. Sony 20 Watt Light

    For how long?
  5. SOLD! I haven't posted in a while.... I'm looking to get about $180 for it. EDIT: The lens works fine and is scratch free.
  6. Fs: Canon Hf M30 + Opteka Fisheye $300

    $200 for the whole setup? Too low. I'll post some footage when I get home. I don't have much much though. All I do is work. No time to film, sadly. Just lowered the price to $300 or OBO. Willing to trade for a t2i or t3i, etc. Edit: Here's some footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D498_lAxDTc It's not the best. I've only used the camera a few times. The fisheye once.
  7. I picked up the new opteka 72mm 0.4X fisheye because I didn't like the vignette I was getting with it on the hmc150. The new one seems to be a 16x9 fisheye rip off. I think it's as big as the more expensive 16x9 fisheye. I thought I'd do a little comparison with them before I sell the 0.3X version. The 0.4X is plenty wide enough for me. If you're interested in the 0.3x, hit me up. Century hmc150 fisheye http://www.schneideroptics.com/Ecommerce/C...45&IID=6825 ($595) I just looked on the 16x9 inc. website and found this fisheye that's a bayo mount for the hmc150. Pretty cool. http://16x9inc.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=648 ($532) The opteka 0.4X http://www.opteka.com/index.asp?PageAction...ID=169&HS=1 ($199) It's probably wider than the 16x9 and the century fisheye and cost less than half the price. ___________________________________________________________________________ Hmc150 + Opteka 72mm 0.3X fisheye Hmc150 + Opteka 72mm 0.4X fisheye ___________________________________________________________________________ Long lens Opteka 72mm 0.4X fisheye Opteka 72mm 0.4X fisheye with a spacer Opteka 72mm 0.3X fisheye, zoomed all the way out Opteka 72mm 0.3X fisheye, zoomed to z10
  8. Ipod Classic

    Nevermind....how do I delete this?!
  9. Laptop, Kindle Fire, Xbox Games, Snowskate

    Nevermind. He sent me a tracking number.
  10. Laptop, Kindle Fire, Xbox Games, Snowskate

    Anyone know if this guy is legit? I sent the money and haven't got a reply back. Just wondering.
  11. Snes/gamecube/n64

    Bump (first and last).
  12. Snes/gamecube/n64

    Anyone have any of the consoles they are willing to sale? Hopefully with some games. Hit me up on my email treskate@gmail.com (i'll reply faster) or on here. I have paypal. Thanks.
  13. Laptop, Kindle Fire, Xbox Games, Snowskate

    Sent the money for the kindle.
  14. Sale Thread For Andrew Hentzen

    Sorry, but I'm looking for a mint one. $30 aint bad though.
  15. Sale Thread For Andrew Hentzen

    I'd buy the lens...if it's not messed up. Looks like it though.
  16. Haven't been on this mug in two years...or something like that.

  17. Canon F/1.8 50mm

    Paid $110. Looking to get $60 OBO. You must have paypal. I can ship this out tomorrow. email me at treskate@gmail.com or text at 832-423-5768 SOLD
  18. Canon F/1.8 50mm

    Anyone else?
  19. Canon F/1.8 50mm

    Are you the same person that texted me?
  20. Opteka Cxs-1 Video Shoulder Support

    Anyone? $65 shipped?
  21. They go for $99....Ill let it go for $75..OBO. I put it together and never had time to use it. No trades. Need cash.