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  1. Neilson

    Super 8

  2. Neilson

    Portal 2

    Best game, I want to play more. Play portral 2 co op with me on steam, Neilson is my name I believe.
  3. Neilson

    Sp 09 And Above Fgts

    hai2u2 is sick, he used to call me periodically.
  4. Neilson

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    I am enjoying these
  5. [quote name='ohehprod' post='3807048' date='Feb 25 2011, 02:57 PM']Well if you switch ollie into a 5-0 then it is a Switch 5-0. But if you 180 from your regular stance into a "switch 5-0" it's more of a 180 nosegrind, because the initial 180 is the first of the trick, you don't come off in switch. Like if you kickflip into a nosegrind then it's a "kickflip nosegrind" with those two tricks together, and a 180 nosegrind is essentially the same logic but just because you end up in a switch 50 position doesn't mean it's a switch trick.[/quote] Basically in trick naming conventions, the regular position trumps all. ie fakie nose manual instead of fakie ollie switch manual there are some exceptions like front 180 switch crook, just cause front 180 suski just seems more confusing.
  6. Neilson

    Hubba Gone!

    did BA get a trick after they put in the dirt? On a cruiser?
  7. Neilson

    Slap Oiam 2010

    arguing over this is dumb, because you people will have your biased and view the episodes in your own perception(lolz). But to me, the contest is really about putting someone out there who would probably not the get the attention initially. Rueben and Forrest both probably are set after this contest, same with Matty, but without being deemed the winner, John probably has the least amount of a chance than anyone. Rueben is a young kid who is killing it, and Forrest's attitude alone in this contest will bring him enough attention that he is already in the limelight, while John is going to college fulltime. Iono. While that isn't all I am trying to justify their decision on picking him, another reason is that John is just good. He has potential to become those raw powerful type skaters that are ever so fun to watch ie OIAM past winner Jake Donnely. Matty is sick tho, sucks that he is always going to be on the tail end of an even shorter Andrew Allen type of skater. Plus, if you watch a montage of all the tricks that they did for the week, John has the most interesting and most footage throughout the week. And that is just stuff they filmed.
  8. Neilson

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    where and how and i want.
  9. [quote name='The Mayor' post='3777142' date='Jan 22 2011, 06:26 AM']That's not even the point. "Selling out" has to do with money. Addidas probably has just as much money as k-swiss and Monster. That is the point.[/quote] rehash your definition of what "selling out" means. Selling out is more of like the willingness to put aside or challenge your morals for the chance to make money.
  10. Neilson

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    sort of hyped on those, remind me of a bruin a lot. I want to see what the sole feels like on them.
  11. Neilson

    Slap Oiam 2010

    I believe on youwillsoon's talk about the 360flip to 5050 or the kickflip front 5-0 debate pretty well. But on the debate of forest edwards, sure he is good, but one would hope that in this day in age, that someone will need more than to be moderately good at skateboarding to achieve in the skateboarding career. Unless you're a Grant Taylor (a skating monster), I would assume that while the skateboarding scene is pretty big, it is essentially a small demographically ran community. Kooks like Nyjah Huston, and Bastien Salabanzi would eventually get weeded out, and people would actually want to support genuinely people that they would like. Especially now with all the social networking, and blogvideopostoftheday, the personality is a bigger factor moreso than ever. I just hope that we can all move past the "stair counting" mentality, and maybe view skating with a bit more substance, on all fronts.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastien_Salabanzi
  12. Neilson

    Longboards/cruiser Boards.

    an 8.6 zinger = zagger, or zanger, depending on the graphic.
  13. Neilson


    for this video, shawn powers more than makes it up for me.