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  1. readvan

    Wtb Mk1 (hopefully With Bayo)

    Still looking? I have one, perfect glass, pm me
  2. readvan

    Wtb: Mk1

    Still looking for that Mk1? $550 perfect glass, PM me
  3. readvan

    Custom Website Tutorial

    when slicing my background should i slice it with nothing in front of it or slice around the content?
  4. readvan

    Vx 1000 No Power

    ive got the same fucking problem!
  5. readvan

    Vx1000... Ripped Off? Help!

    take his ass to small claims court.. that what i should have done when i got my vx (the ribbon cable was busted)
  6. readvan

    My Portfolio

    could you do some work for me on my website? pm me.
  7. readvan

    Vx1k Mk1

    ill buy that mk1 for 600 depending on the footy which im about to buy pm me i need this soon!
  8. i need some footy but i may buy this. pm me.
  9. readvan

    Vx1 And Scratched Mk1 Fs

    you dont know shit kid. its all freshly refurbished. goodbye.
  10. readvan

    Vx1 And Scratched Mk1 Fs

    1000 works perfect
  11. readvan

    Fs: Vx1000 Mk1

    ill buy the mk1 for $600. ive tried to get pm me and i posted in your other thread twice. get back to me.
  12. readvan

    Vx1 And Scratched Mk1 Fs

    haha good luck buddy.
  13. readvan

    What Firewire Cord To Buy?

    i got a new imac and its 4 to 6.. unless theres a new imac i do not know about but i got mine like 2 months ago..
  14. readvan

    Wtb Dvxmk2

    yah post up. i got cash and im selling my vx1k so if you wanan trade for that let me know. looking to buy for a roudn $1800 guy.
  15. readvan

    Fs: Dvx100p

    still avaible? pm me if so.