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  1. FOR SALE! I am willing to split the lense and the camera Includes: Vx1000 Mk1 2 Batteries ( will include what types once decided for sale or not ) Apollo Bag Bescor Charger Lense Pen (to help keep that dirt off that mk1) Lense Hood and some other goodies PICTURES NO TRADES!!! Throw out offers on the Apollo bag. Will let the vx1k go for 1075 shipped including batteries and charger Mk1 will let go for 600
  2. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    goin on skate trip for the weekend. be back sunday. if i don't answer PM's or PM anyone its cause im away
  3. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    lowered price on vx1k. PM me if interested
  4. roor


    just move to cali and get that med card.
  5. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    can't get the cash til next week. so its still up in the air.
  6. roor

    Philly Love Park

    ya the place isnt like what it used to be
  7. roor

    Philly Love Park

    it all depends on the times. alot of people go there at like 2am and start shredding it.
  8. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

  9. roor

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    I promised myself that this game would keep me off cod4 for awhile but i find myself once again back on cod4. i don't even mess with the story line when i play GTA4. its either i just do random shit likee spawn a heli and just go to the highest peak and jump out or just straight up destroy people in the streets. storyline started to piss me off or ill play the online.
  10. roor

    Should I Buy A Ps3 Or 360?

    Ps3. 360 might have a better selection of games as of right now but ps3 will be a better choice. mad ps3 exclusives coming out for ps3 this year and it won't fail on you or scratch your discs like a 360 will. and free online
  11. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

  12. i guess its just extras. just footage and no sound track ya dig.
  13. roor

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    anyone else find themselves not playing this game as much as they thought they would be?? the games fun as fuck and really amazing game i just don't play it as much as i thought i would be =/
  14. roor

    Call Of Duty 4 A Lotta Booty

    gamertag for PS3 is GET_LEGIT add me if you want to see some fuckin pwnage
  15. roor

    You Don't Mess With The Zohan

    movie looks funny but not gonna pay 9 bucks to see it.
  16. the video that was on google wasn't the full thing, it was just a teaser and theres about another hour and a half more of footy. just checked out the copys that were at the skateshop and had another hour and a half of shit. only 12 bucks. go cop it
  17. roor

    The Official Metal Gear Solid 4 Thread

    that intro was mad nice. can't wait to watch it on my TV via HD
  18. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    Will let the vx1k go for 1150 shipped including batteries and charger AND apollo bag!.
  19. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    PM'ed but simply just need cash
  20. roor

    Vx1mk1 Package

    will throw in apollo bag if you buy vx1k!!
  21. roor

    Gears Of War 2 Thread

    As of right now 360 may have a better selection but once MGS4 comes out and then on ps3 games will be shittin' on 360s. 2008 is the year for the ps3. If you don't believe me, just look at the line up of games for the ps3 that are coming out.