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  1. Dick GoesinYA

    How Many Posts

    Just wanted to say thanks. 10 years later
  2. Dick GoesinYA

    Anyone Parting Out A Broken Vx1000?

    Does the viewfinder work? are you willing to sell the camera? If so how much?
  3. Dick GoesinYA

    Anyone Parting Out A Broken Vx1000?

    I am looking for the spring in the battery box for a sony vx1000. The spring pushes the battery out when ejecting the battery. if anyone has one or a vx your selling for parts let me know. Thanks
  4. Dick GoesinYA

    Sony Vx1000

    Looks mint!
  5. Dick GoesinYA

    Fs Vx1000

    Looks like it's also on the rca jacks http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3282/284673...cd9fda8c0_b.jpg
  6. Dick GoesinYA

    Fs Vx1000

    Did the camera ever give you any problems because of the rust? Was it used for under water stuff?
  7. Dick GoesinYA

    Fs/ft: Dvx100a Mk2 Setup

    Vx1 and how much cash ?
  8. Dick GoesinYA

    For Sale Vx1000 Mk1

    Cam looks brand new!
  9. Dick GoesinYA

    Vx1000 Custom Preset "sharpness"

    Thanks for the help.
  10. Dick GoesinYA

    Vx1000 Custom Preset "sharpness"

    Is your buddy using a vx1?
  11. Dick GoesinYA

    Vx1000 Custom Preset "sharpness"

    I am just wondering if people mess with the vx1000 custom preset "Sharpness" If so when do you crank it up or down? Sunny days with a lens up or down? Long lens sunny days up or down? I just wanted to know what people found the best results with. For the past 10 years I never really messed with it. I tried to a few times but noticed when I crank it up with a fisheye lens on the camera it wanted to focus on the dust on the lens and made the person skating almost out of focus. Just want to get the best results. Thanks
  12. Dick GoesinYA

    How Many Posts

    Thanks but it's no big deal. I have to fix the ribbon cable and the cable still has not showed up yet. I am still a few days out. Maybe if I get hard up I will hit you up but I will probably just throw it up on craigslist or ebay.
  13. Dick GoesinYA

    How Many Posts

    I got a vx1000 I want to sell and was hoping to throw it up on here shortly. It's no big deal though there's always ebay. As you can see I don't post on here much. I always check the sight but never really post. Thanks for the help.
  14. Dick GoesinYA

    How Many Posts

    I tried but it would not let me. I remember I sold stuff in the past but that was before the count rule.
  15. Dick GoesinYA

    How Many Posts

    I am just stoked to have a 100 post in 4 years. 500! Jesus Christ it's going to take me another 20 years before I can sell stuff.