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  1. mangler

    Post Your Setup!

    been a while since i've posted up on here, figured i needed to refresh the ol setup info. feel free to visit page 1 of this thread and visit post #20, thats how long its been... i don't touch cameras or do any editing for work anymore. i'm a sound man and i work on all your parents favorite tv shows and some commercials you saw during the Super Bowl. oh, and NASCAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! my run and gun small rig: zaxcom maxx mixer/recorder lectrosonics wireless ktek bags and booms my sound cart for commercials: zaxcom nomad zaxcom mix8 interface blackmagic smart duoview monitors lectrosonics venue comtek IFB
  2. mangler

    Dslr Workflow

    whoa, just now saw this. thanks for posting this Ray, much appreciated! and steve, always a pleasure to work with you! just wish we did it more often. I'm working on a few more posts with more in detail on some of those steps due to a flood of emails asking to go in detail. so i'll be doing that soon.
  3. mangler


    the main thing i always looked at was the limitations of the cameras so i knew what i was up against from the get go. thus making the 7d more awesome! but i still use my hmc150 for a lot of projects.
  4. mangler

    Filming Permit

    you can probably get a permit to film at a location, but its going to have to be a permit for each location. and you're going to have to go into detail usually about what you're filming, which you could easily fudge. so lets say you do get a permit to do a shoot at some state/city/county owned property. awesome. but what you don't realize is that you've just linked yourself as to being responsible for that location and crew/cast. so you're skating a rail in a city park, with a permit. so the rail gets all scratched up, ledge gets waxed up, etc... park manager sees said messed up rail/ledge/whatever and goes to his boss, who goes to their boss, etc.. then it comes out that a "film crew" was filming at that location. then you got the city manager on the horn wanting to know why the hell you A.) lied on your permit B.) messed up his rail C.) pay for it/be penalized for lying on a government document. have fun.
  5. mangler

    Nikon 17-35 2.8

    it turns slow
  6. mangler

    Post Your Dslr Setup!

    here's me shooting with my rig and another shot 7d zacuto z-finder zacuto rapid fire canon 28-70 shown nikon 17-35 2.8 shown nikon 50 1.4 nikon 70-200 2.8 i've got fotodiox nikon to canon adapters on all my old nikon glass 2 16 gb cf cards intervelometer rode video mic and i've got a full audio kit if i'm doing sound with mixer, lavs, boom, mics and recorder and a couple of different tripods i use depending on what i'm shooting.
  7. mangler

    Let's Get Mystical

    no, he didn't lav up the riders during filming riding, thats silly. song list is here: http://www.mutinybikes.com/lgm-music.html
  8. mangler

    Post Your Setup!

    too lazy to unpack all this shit. Kata HB207 HMC150 +2 batteries Canon 7d +2 batteries 28-70 2.8 17-35 2.8 zacuto z-finder zacuto rapid fire cheap ebay intervalometer century fisheye 2 16gb CF 2 8gb SDHC 1 32gb SDHC 2 sennheiser wireless kits 1 xlr butt plug 2 countryman b6 lavs rode ntg2 w/rycote softie & shockmount sony 7506 cans litepanels micro led light vital mic flag(when at work its a news & record mic flag) 2 500gb lacie rugged drives usb 10-in-1 card reader express CF reader express SDHC reader 15" macbook pro xtra mbp power cable chargers for both cams small 3 way extension cable 16 AA batteries and i think thats it... getting through airport security is a bitch.
  9. mangler

    Let's Get Mystical

    pick up a bluray or dvd at empire http://empirebmx.com/store/empire_Supplier...;idSupplier=214
  10. mangler

    Let's Get Mystical

    could you please remove the megaupload link, joe busted his ass on this video and its worth the $15 to buy it.
  11. mangler

    Freakin Canon 7d

    i'm sorry that you don't understand the value of what a dslr video function can provide. and what do you know about audio anyway? i hate to say it, but skateboard videos are a crap shoot of audio. if it were dialogue, yeah, i'd be concerned with its quality. but my main focus of using this camera isn't for its audio purposes. when audio is important i run it through my 4 channel pnc mixer to my sd 702 recorder while sending a mixdown to camera. i find it ridiculous when people are posting about audio quality on this forum when they are using an on board camera microphone with auto gain control. not to mention, being covered with music. and when you can get the low light capabilities with the depth of field and look these cameras provide with your vx1000, then i would understand your point of view of hating the fact that a dslr can produce amazing video. not trying to hate on the vx1, its a nice camera. but its out dated for the shooting that i do. and as far as the 10mm goes, its plenty wide. i think the 4.5 is going to be overkill, and i believe it has a lot of vignetting. in 35mm, that 10mm equals a 16.5mm lens, which is a touch wider than the century xtreme.
  12. mangler

    The Official Hvx200/p2 Thread

    i don't shoot much P2 any more so i can't really comment too much more on this. i'm way deep in post production on a project right now and i'm waiting to get done with this before i upgrade. but i haven't really seen anyone mention that on dvxuser. you can always use that raylight plugin so that you don't have to transcode your p2 stuff to quicktime, just import the mxfs right in to fcp.
  13. mangler

    Freakin Canon 7d

    how come this hasn't been posted? i know its a dslr, but its video functions are amazing! its been announced for a week now. shoots 1080 24, 25 and 30p also 720 50 and 60p samples here: http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/samples/eos7d amazon, b&h, adorama, tiger direct and a shit ton of the other big camera retailers are all maxed out on pre-orders. got mine in quick! should be available sometime first/mid october. 7d + sigma 10mm fish at 720 60p! body is $1699, kit is $1899
  14. mangler

    Any Bombing Filmers?

    for low light time lapses you'd have better luck with a digital slr with an intervalometer and a really fast lens, like a 1.8 or 1.4 prime. and the image would be freakin huge depending on what kind of dslr you use(most are at least 4k pixels tall). so you could do some cool pan a scan type of stuff. you might have a friend with a dslr, go on ebay and search their cam name and intervalometer. around $40 and you're golden. but it would be very stupid to do this on someone's property that has not granted permission.