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  1. syndicate


    yeah its a paved trail through the woods in a nearby park.
  2. syndicate

    Heelflip Over Rail

    easy on the sharpening
  3. syndicate

    Tail Drop.

    detail in the shadows is completely unnecessary here, thats what i love about it actually. great photo.
  4. syndicate

    Fs Crail Vertwall

    mk bump once again
  5. syndicate

    Fs Crail Vertwall

  6. syndicate

    Fs Crail Vertwall

    havnt shot in awhile
  7. syndicate

    New York City

    okay everything that has been said, or will be said is strictly advice. your entitled to your opinion but the purpose of this site is more than people agreeing with you or praising your shot. Learn to take constructive criticism, youl get better and to be honest you have a lot of work to do to get there. Composition on both of these is pretty weak, get creative, work with your surroundings. Another thing, your flashes are too low and too close to your subject, move em back a little bit power em up a little higher if you have to but both of these are full of hot spots which could be easily avoided. keep it up man
  8. syndicate

    Feeble Little Curved Rail

    lighting is on point, very nicely done on that aspect. my only suggestion is take a few steps back, work with those shadows on the concrete a bit more, flip it horizontally, and take a few steps to the left so you can get a feel for what the rail actually looks like. but overall real good
  9. syndicate


    nicely done for one flash. obviously there were many more possibilities with 2 but you made it work and thats tough to do. Im digging the angle. very nice
  10. syndicate

    Pushing Into The Abyss

    love this. so simple
  11. syndicate

    Gap Frontboard Kink

    slight uneven lighting on the last foot of the rail. meant to be low enough to get his board above the treeline but that obviously didnt happen lets get it
  12. syndicate


  13. syndicate

    Big Gap

    yes http://www.flickr.com/photos/djward
  14. syndicate

    Big Gap

    thanks guys. the film is provia