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  1. karmafilmer

    Amazing Compression Settings

    ok i imported the footage into after effects and made a 59.97 fps compisition, now HOW DO I DEINTERLACE?????
  2. karmafilmer


    wow that was amazing, sorry to hear about your friends, was that them skating?
  3. karmafilmer

    New Fisheye

    hahaha notice on most of those pics theres a filmer and he has a vx1k/mk1 hahaha
  4. karmafilmer

    Compression In Imovie

    what song is that?
  5. Yeah I just created the video.html page and uploaded it to my server , and for the news box I just liced out a box and repeated the steps of coding it as shown above
  6. Alright many people have been asking how to make a Photoshop Web design work. Like Slicing and coding it to make another Page apear in the box/frame. Well This is the way to do it right. I will be using Dreamweaver to Code mine, I suggest if you dont have this download the Free 30 day trial at Macromedia. Here is how you do it First make your design in Photoshop the way you want it then: Then after it is opened up in Image Ready Click the Split/slice Tool Then follow this: Then after you have split the images save optimized as, as below make sure you save it in a place where you can find it. then use these save AS. settings: CLICK Then when you've opened up your .html design in Dreamweaver click on the box you want a page to appear on in this case it is my media frame/box, when the box is still highlighted go to INSERT>TAG then click it. CLICK Then a box will pop up and click on the HTML tags folder and then chose the Iframe tag in the choices as below and click insert. CLICK Then a box will pop up asking for the H and W and name and source use the HTML page you want to appear as the Source and name the Frame you Sliced that is Highlighted and call it Content frame as below then hit okay CLICK Do the same to the news column except when it asks for the name of the frame type in newsframe and your news page like news.html as the source and enter the H and W as you did before. Now this is a tricky part HOT SPOTTING is when you surround a picture or text with a box so when you click on it it opens in a new window or a frame you havde chosen. I am going to use my LINKS text as a example. Say I wanted it to open in the same box as my media box well I would enter the link down below in the Properties box my page is called links1.html also I want it to show in the Video box down below it so in the name I would enter the text : contentframe because earlier own I named it that. Do this for all your hot spots and look at my Example Below and you should be all set. CLICK Well there Finally you know how to do this. Mods I hope I can please get 2-3 pts for this because I worked my ass off 5 hrs writing this thing. Thanks HERE is the final result. If you have any questions or comments PM me or hit me on AIM: PainB510. Hope you enjoy this
  7. karmafilmer

    Like New Vx1000

    1200 right now Paypal
  8. karmafilmer

    Vx2100 Mk1

    That is hot the compression killed it a little but the wideness is SOO AMAZING !!!
  9. karmafilmer

    How To Widen The Raynox Mx3000

    Yes!! I widened my MX3000!!! Im so happy I used jamesc method of doing it with that tackl stuff!!