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  1. scorzo

    Official Tour Le Sketchpad

    WHO RUINED IT???? 8 Years, I need answers
  2. scorzo

    Tour Le Sketchpad

    Yo, its been 8 years, I'm still wondering where the fuck this thing ended up. Hit me up if you know what happened to it. I think I lost a huge amount of trust in the internet after this disappeared
  3. scorzo

    Wtb: Flip Cam

    Yerr, nevermind. Now no one will get the $10 I had tucked away for this shit
  4. scorzo

    Wtb: Flip Cam

    Going on a trip and need something to film with. If you have a flip cam laying around from the flip cam days and you dont need that shit no more, let me know. Ballin on a budget
  5. scorzo

    Target Stopped Developing Film?

    you take that back. Damn, can't believe its all of them. I can definitely find some one in the family to hold it down on the costco card. Thanks guys. I'm going to miss target for sure
  6. Target used to be the cheap hook up for me. The people at my local target (clifton, nj) would screw up so bad and give it to me for free or up to a 50% discount. Not because they liked me, but they were so confused on what they were doing that it would just happen everytime. Went there with 6 rolls the other day and they broke the news to me. Apparently have been closed in all of them for the past 3weeks. Anyone in north jersey has a similar setup where i can develop film for dirt cheap?
  7. scorzo


    (click for larger) This one has been hanging around for a while. This was made for a DivisionEast Skatehop/Stimulus Skateboards graphic. Its had its run already and the next Stim graphic is on the way. Gnarseph was going to do a remix of this painting or something, not sure if he ever got around to finishing that. Enjoy!
  8. scorzo


    I know this is kind of an old thread now, but I went to the Met the other day to a Stieglitz photo exhibit, and saw this photo of Georgia O'keeffe that called this drawing to my mind. Stieglitz Photo Thought it was a nice comparison
  9. scorzo

    Official Tour Le Sketchpad

    So disappointing. I spent all that time on the cover thinking this would work. Probably in a pile somewhere underneath geometry homework, pop tarts and jizz tissues. Kids these days.
  10. scorzo

    New Topic!

    You found Frank from Men in Black.
  11. scorzo

    Recent Paintings

    whale shark: great idea
  12. scorzo


    ^hahahahahaha yeah the colors on these are definitely a little whacky. I tried getting my cousin to take a portrait of me with him, but he was shooting on a 4x5 and was taking too long to set up, the swan got impatient and took to the air, never to be seen again. thanks for the replies guys
  13. scorzo


    It was meant to be, landed in the water and strolled right up to me
  14. http://dirtywaters.blogspot.com/ If anyone is into Stretch and Bobbito, heres a ton of old tapes posted to download. If you don't know who Stretch and Bobbito are, they had a radio show in NYC in the 90's that broke your favorite rappers favorite rapper. NOT MY BLOG.
  15. scorzo


    you should figure out why you consider it a sad attempt, then change that