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  1. Best White Tees

    Kirklands, from costco. BUY IN BULK YA HURRD
  2. Lsd

    A new party thread should be started soon, we are in dire need of one.
  3. Oh My God

    I'll fuckin cock slap that bitch back to reality FUCKIN CUNT
  4. Ickkkk!

    That got me so hyped to skate!!!!
  5. Rainy Days

    On rainy days I like to figure skate. I've been working on my triple axels, I have the form pretty much down pat. But I got to stop over rotating.
  6. I'm not going to College. I dont know what I'm going to do with my life.
  7. Gay Doyle

    Doyles cute though.
  8. Hiking

    Hiking is so sick in the summer. Hiking around smoking joints, doing shrooms and maybe drink some beers is so fun. Passes hours in boring days, makes me feel artsy. Now, who's going to toss my salad?
  9. That's It That's All!

    ^^I am pretty sure Picture this was filmed on a HVX...
  10. Cliton is a bitch, your country isnt ready for her, don't give a fuck those cunt femenists say.
  11. Woodward Pa Week 6!

    im not!!!fuck the system!!