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  1. I bought AAPL at $87 and GOOG at $170 when I was 18, if someone would have fronted me some capital I would have made millions.
  2. StylingMaTT

    Netjiot V2

    I've been on these boards for over eight years now. Damn.
  3. StylingMaTT

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    This fucking CL350: That white frame is just too fucking sick. Only a few parts aren't stock too (gauge, handlebars, headlight, tailight, seat, rearsets), so it isn't even heavily modified. Pretty classy resto-mod.
  4. StylingMaTT

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    I'm dying to get my hands on a CL350 scrambler. Those high-pipes just look waaaaay too nice. I got my CB350 for $800 with "carb issues", I ended up putting about $300-400 in parts into her, although I did a lot more than was necessary to just bring it back to life. If you're patient and check craigslist daily, you should be able to get a nice 70's Honda for less than $1500, easy.
  5. StylingMaTT

    Wanted: Broken Vx1000

    Down to pay around $50.
  6. StylingMaTT

    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    Famous last words. I'm not sure if I've ever posted my bike in here. Anyways, here she is: lol, broken turn signal.
  7. StylingMaTT

    Wanted: Broken Vx1000

    I want a piece of wall art and would like to mount a VX1000 and put it up on my wall. Really just need a VX that someone is using as a paperweight with no intention/possibility of fixing. Thanks, broskis.
  8. StylingMaTT

    Quantum Qflash T5d-r Turbo 2x2 Kit For Sale

    I PM'd you. I want to buy some of your gear.
  9. clear your inbox. you down for the qflash? emailed you the pic.

  10. StylingMaTT

    Fs: Iphone 3gs

    $200 gets this.
  11. StylingMaTT

    Fs: Iphone 3gs

  12. StylingMaTT

    Fs: Iphone 3gs

  13. StylingMaTT

    Fs: Iphone 3gs

    There're no cracks, and $100 is low.