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  1. karol.deskorolka.net

    Cheap Bronica Fisheye

    I don't have 500+ posts so I can't post it in classifields... I'm selling working bronica PS fisheye via ebay. It's cheap because visually it's not perfect, but it's working 100% correctly. http://www.ebay.pl/itm/231882862869
  2. karol.deskorolka.net

    Photos For The Contest - Ollie And Fs Board

    These photos are my opportunity to win a trip to NY, if you want to see other works in this photocontest, go here: 1. Krzysiek Poskrobko - ollie over the rail into the bank: 2. Tomek Cimoch - fs boardlide
  3. karol.deskorolka.net

    Bump Over The Rail

    Sq-a with 150mm , "bankomat" is the ATM
  4. karol.deskorolka.net

    Bump Over The Rail

    Also check our new street montage "Miejski Park" on http://www.filharmoniaskateboarding.com
  5. karol.deskorolka.net

    Natural Light Bs 5-0

    Hmmm scan with V700, crop, resize, sharpening and that's it. Looks fine IMO :goldenwub:
  6. karol.deskorolka.net

    Natural Light Bs 5-0

    Spontaneously shot in august/september in BiaƂystok, Poland. Enjoy, comment and critique :goldenwub:
  7. karol.deskorolka.net

    My First Squares Here

    C&C please
  8. karol.deskorolka.net

    Night Photos Are The Best!

  9. karol.deskorolka.net

    All Night In Skatepark In Just One Photo!

    Check it out, it's "scanned" with Canon eos400d. Made with Yashica GSN, iso 800. http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/2421/nockafilm.jpg It's 3,5 MB so be patient guys! Sorry if the topic is against the rules but I'm really curious about what you think...
  10. karol.deskorolka.net

    Ollie Into The Bank ... The Big One.

    Thanks dude, that's really good idea, i haven't thought about it. Probably it will be helpful while printing big sized photo
  11. karol.deskorolka.net

    Ollie Into The Bank ... The Big One.

    I'm really happy with how it looks, how about you guys? C&C! ++BIGGER++
  12. karol.deskorolka.net

    Long Exposures

    ty for comments, I really appreciate it. Actually second photo is just having some fun at the spot with awful chaos in the background so i didn't take it too seriously. Now I'd probably took it with "panning" from the centre to the top right corner and maybe a little wider v00d0o it's all bout freezing with flashes
  13. karol.deskorolka.net

    Long Exposures

    Both photos are leftovers of my project. What you think bout these? Thanks for any C/C!
  14. karol.deskorolka.net

    Summer's Coming

    Now that's a comment. Really helpful, thanks!
  15. karol.deskorolka.net

    Summer's Coming

    Life's brutal