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  1. dk666


    bad scans but whatever
  2. dk666

    Its Been A While

    word. thanks man!
  3. dk666

    Its Been A While

    since i got a roll developed.
  4. dk666


    third is great. loving the lines. i have a place like this in my town actually, ive been meaning to check it out
  5. dk666


    girl is mad cute. nuff said
  6. dk666

    Big Dex And Young Mike

    second is rad. love that lighting. and that gutair seems real small...or maybe its just my monitor haha. either way
  7. dk666

    Balance & Composure

    yes! i back all these bands. espically b&c. realll real stoked for the full length
  8. dk666


    yeah both of these look soft. maybe its becuase you're using photobucket to host them? timing on the first is good, but the whole centered/wide angle thing isn't doing anything for me. composition on the second is better, but like sean said, just pan down a little more
  9. dk666

    Mf Park Shit.

    directly below him and slightly to the left
  10. dk666

    Vx1000, Mk1 Photographs

    before i opened this thread i thought it was going to be video stills...
  11. dk666

    Post Your Setup!

    bronica sq-a 150mm f/3.5 S WLF 220 back nikon n80 50mm f/1.8D leopard blanket not shown: 35mm p&s epson 4490 walmart tripod vivitar 285 & 283
  12. dk666


    thanks man. also i see you're from manchester, i live about 45 minutes south of there
  13. dk666

    Foggy Night; New Lens:

    i feel like the first has way too much empty space because half is underexposed. definitely like the second better, the light peeking through the fence is amazing.
  14. dk666


    hp5 in d76 for 7.5 minutes
  15. dk666


    im really into your latest uploads on flickr man, good stuff. we just got about a foot of snow here in MA the other night, loving it