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  1. CarniSkate

    Vx1000 For Sale

    how much are good condition english versions going for nowadays?
  2. CarniSkate

    Wanted To Buy Sony Vx1000 For Parts

    have a fully functional vx1k for sale. how much are you willing to spend?
  3. I have a ray mod I'm selling... $80 OBO
  4. CarniSkate

    Looking To Buy Mk1 Lens

    I have a ray mod I'd be willing to part with for cheap. It's not an MK1 but its pretty outstanding for the price... $60
  5. I have a vx1k I'm looking to sell. In great shape, still works great, might need head cleaning but that's all.
  6. CarniSkate

    Wtb: Vx1000 For Parts

    I have a vx1000 English version I need to get rid of. Still works great just might need to get the heads cleaned
  7. yeah what was the problem? and how did you fix it? the same thing is happening to me and its very aggrivating. please help!!! thanks
  8. CarniSkate

    Skate 2

    I played the demo today and it's so tight there's a ton of new features, the graphics are amazing, and the way everything was set up in the demo it was really realistic, I can't wait for the full version
  9. I need a vx1k, maybe 2k if it's cheap, or a gl2 -thanks
  10. CarniSkate

    Sony Vx1000 Fs/ft

    How much are you asking
  11. CarniSkate

    Vx1000 Or Canon Gl2?

    I was planning on buying a vx1k but after using the canon gl2 it was so simple and I liked the fact that it has an lcd. Which do you suggest would be a better buy and why? Thanks