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  1. if i could get a swap to mattytru that would be smashing thanks
  2. lsara3699

    The Filming Netjiot

    i got one of these canon dslr bags off a friend and it works great for my setup (dvx/mk2/light) with room to spare. still a small backpack size though. https://www.amazon.com/Canon-Deluxe-Backpack-Cameras-Accent/dp/B00009R6TA
  3. lsara3699

    MFW I remember my SP password.

    just had this experience. its great
  4. lsara3699

    Weekend Cut

    Here! i'm coming off a broken foot so i pulled the camera out and filmed for the weekend. all thoughts welcome!! shot on dvx/mk2, no color correction
  5. lsara3699

    Park Edits!

    looked good man, i especially liked the shot of the noseblunt. the only things i would say would be a) assuming you were editing in final cut, it sounded like you didnt convert an mp3 song file to aif before editing, that will take away the choppiness of the song. and b ) the black spaces you cut to at times detract from the visual energy. i used to do that as well.
  6. lsara3699

    Hang Loose

    i liked that, nice to see some good longlens stuff too
  7. lsara3699

    Messing About On Go Skate Day

    definitely nice pacing. good watch
  8. lsara3699

    Jesus.. Gh2 Vs. Mkiii

  9. lsara3699

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    right when i go to sell my 7d.... nice
  10. lsara3699

    Wtb Wide Angle 11-16 12-24 Etc

    i've got a mint tokina 11-16 canon mount.
  11. lsara3699

    Canon T4I

    im very interested to see how this will work.
  12. lsara3699

    Sunrise Skate/surf Shop Commercial

    yeah it looked good. the instagram angle wasnt as played up as i was expecting it to be though. i think either take that one shot with the dude in the background out or grab a few more inserts of stuff like that
  13. lsara3699

    Problem Solving The Republic- Spoiler Alert!

    hahahah that was awesome. whoever edited did a great job as well
  14. lsara3699

    Short Fashion Clip

    what framerate were you in?
  15. lsara3699

    Slaughterfest 2012 - Atlantic City, Nj

    that was actually real enjoyable. good work man.
  16. lsara3699

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    quick question, what size hotshoe tripod mount should i get for my 7d and zoom h1?
  17. made dis a few days ago and thought id throw it up here, thoughts? and do watch it in 720p, it looks much much better
  18. i STILL don't have a handle... ill make one soon as its obviously a necessity. other than the shaky filming what did people like/dislike? everything is really appreciated! thanks
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    jesus, that looks GORGEOUS... want ): so much moneys though
  20. lsara3699

    7d Slowmo Park Sesh

    bump pleesh?
  21. http://vimeo.com/27994117 watch on vimeo for hd and i know the colors are a little off, ill definitely process color through magic bullet rather than final cut from now on...
  22. lsara3699

    King Of The Krews

    have it opened to watch tomorrow morning! will comment again then (just commenting now so you dont lose hope)
  23. lsara3699

    Frontside Smith

    haha, his hand making the peace sign is sick. i think theres a little too much ugly close up foreground on the bottom, and would suggest cropping that out, but if you did that youd definitely wanna have a little more room on the top. i really like this though, good job EDIT: actually, upon looking it over again, i kinda like the foreground. it looks like youre lying on the ground right under the trick
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    The D-slr Netjiot.

    i just open the clips in ae and right click>interpet clip, change the clip frame rate to whatever (23.976 or 30). then i just render them out and compress with mpeg streamclip for use in final cut.