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  1. ohwordd

    The Compression Thread

    Thanks a lot to the original poster for this. I haven't done any editing for a while and it was super nice to know right where to go to make sure I had my compression settings right.
  2. ohwordd

    Panda Bear

    that made my nipples hard
  3. you spin me right round baby right round...
  4. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    that seems possible too. if that's the case then what would the repair costs be like? & what would the repair costs be like if the problem was the ribbon cable mentioned above?
  5. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    bumpity bump.
  6. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    where exactly is that ribbon cable?
  7. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    uhmmm you mean luke taylor? who are you kid?
  8. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    nope. it doesn't turn on at all. it's completely dead. i guess that's a possibility. how would i know? i'll see if i can get my hands on one.
  9. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    no. i was only given the charger when i bought the camera.
  10. ohwordd

    Vx1000 Power Problem?

    of course i did.
  11. so the other day i put a fresh tape into my vx. it began to lower the tape into the camera and it slowed down and stopped before the tape was all of the way in. now it won't turn on. i've tried multiple batteries with no luck. is the power supply dead?
  12. i'm just gonna give this a bump. anyone got any feedback?
  13. thanks man. yeah all the spots were from cali. it's starfucker. haha
  14. yeah we actually got a surprising amount of footy from just one trip to sd. the spots we went to though were really nice though. edit: my bad actually there was footy from two sd trips in there. one of them was with the whole crew and the other was just my homie tagging along when i went to film the team for a friend of mine's board company.
  15. haha thanks man. they're mostly orange county spots. mostly south county and a little bit of SD and long beach too.