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  1. Got to go to Cars and Coffee last week. A lotta nice cars showed up :>
  2. ah i see. i haven't really worked with CUDA, just know the basics. what i meant was the memory doesn't matter for performance, just as a clock speed wouldn't matter for CPUs. the newer, the better, even if it has a lower memory. GTX 460 should be more than enough though, a 580 isn't worth shelling extra money over imo
  3. jkwonman

    Computer Issues Netjiot

    put in the 4gb stick. didn't notice a performance difference so far, but i'm sure i'll notice it when i'm running photoshop and lightroom.
  4. overclocked 990x, saves you time and trouble. and memory for the graphics cards means nothing. but if they're offering any new fermis (GTX 570, 580)j, get those. a single powerful card would be more useful than 2 in SLi since i hear Adobe programs only utilize 1.
  5. jkwonman

    Post your setup

    very interested, but the soonest i can buy is in another month. i'll shoot you a pm then
  6. jkwonman

    Computer Issues Netjiot

    I recently bought a new memory stick, but got the wrong one :goldenwub: got a 4gb, thought it was a 2x2 set. will I be able to run a 2x2GB with a 4GB? all sticks are the same model (1600 Ripjaw)
  7. jkwonman

    Post your setup

    can't wait to see the new setup, here's some inspiration http://www.million-dollar-pc.com/ Will be getting a new case soon since my Thermaltake case fan is clicking and the power button's fucked up. hopefully i'll be getting the Fractal Define R3. might look into watercooling also :>
  8. jkwonman

    Cracked Laptop Screen

    probably over $100. google & ebay it
  9. jkwonman

    Rokinon, Peleng On A D3100

    don't get a nikon if you're gonna film. you're better off getting a t2i and nikon>canon adapters if you wanna use Nikon lenses.
  10. jkwonman

    Video Is Laggy On Cod On My Pc

    a 3ghz Athlon should be capable of running COD. are you trying to run Black Ops?
  11. jkwonman

    Proper Gear Filming/photography For A Road Trip.

    price is a bit steep but i think we can swing it. thanks a lot man, i'll be looking into every thing you said. might even be renting the lens at the Adorama store in NYC haha.
  12. jkwonman

    Wtb T2i And Lcd Viewfinder For The T2i

    bump bump bump. wide angle nikon lenses anyone?
  13. jkwonman

    Proper Gear Filming/photography For A Road Trip.

    do you recommend buying any lenses for it or just sticking with the nikon 50 and fish?
  14. I had no problems with AUX in the past, but I'm fine with USB too. I have no idea which ones to get though.