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  1. brandonbabcock

    Daylando The Video

    how the daylando boys do it. go ham all day.
  2. brandonbabcock

    Train Station Wallride

    this shot is nothing special. i would say stick with the first angle but try to get a little lower next time. another thing would be that the whites are so blown up you cant even see his arms past his shirt. when you go back for your re-shoot, try messing with the white balance a lil bit or even waiting for a sunny day since you don't have flashes. oh and one more thing, if you do go back for a re-shoot, tell the kid to not be a pussy and charge at the damn wall.
  3. brandonbabcock

    B Sides

    the part when that kid was flailing his arms was so funny
  4. brandonbabcock

    I'm About To Release My First Album

    if your ever back in fl. i would love to pick up my own copy
  5. brandonbabcock

    Frontside Boardslide In Barcelona

    Probably would look a lot better if it wasn't in b/w because the skater blends in too much with the background. Also i would suggest a different angle so 50% of the picture isnt dirt.
  6. I don't know if you guys know who Diplo is but he made some remixes for some of those Gucci fans out there. Not your standard gucci beats, download and listen for free. In my opinion not the whole mixtape is good but be sure to check out the "dope boys" bird peterson remix and the "i be everywhere" mumdance remix. ^^^
  7. brandonbabcock

    A Failed Younited Nations Entry

    you gave a good run at it
  8. brandonbabcock

    Younited Nations

    fuck the beaners //////vote florida///////
  9. brandonbabcock

    Mint Baby Death Lens

  10. brandonbabcock

    Johan Stuckey

    I don't know if its just me but i think the timing could of been a lil bit better, feelin the comp and the vibe of the photo though.
  11. brandonbabcock

    Mint Baby Death Lens

    150 right now
  12. brandonbabcock


    yeah thats a really good deal he's my homie and i can assure you you'll get your moneys worth man
  13. brandonbabcock

    Mint Baby Death Lens

    oh man, i thought that was you, but i didn't wanna seem like an idiot appreciate it bro
  14. brandonbabcock

    Mint Baby Death Lens

    pm me