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  1. Post your username changes

    Hey Steve thanks for bringing this back. Can I get my old username of NYCLURKER back?
  2. wassup

    This is wild I need my old username back
  3. East Coast Rap

    one of my faves in KA dudes is a beast ICK does work
  4. Lame

    this aint lame nigga has a family bruv
  5. The Skater Reputation.

    man fuh dat bitch for real doe
  6. The Filming Netjiot

    so weird use to always work for me
  7. Mods N Die Hards

    solid deez nuts
  8. The Filming Netjiot

    any body else getting errors with mpeg streamclip on pc cant export anything
  9. Government Shutdown

    obama gets paid like a dolla a day
  10. Music

    here yo go big https://t.co/3VJpqMK7Wv
  11. Netjiot V2

    Fucking met Baz the man the other night peep Clurker holding down the right
  12. Superia Philly

    tight shit in here man got a good part of the essence of philly in these photos u live in the city or just visit?
  13. Netjiot V2

    im in cali for a month
  14. Netjiot V2

    I'm going to be in San Fran Thursday who is out there?
  15. Netjiot V2

    info on how is trying skate in la and sf in july
  16. Netjiot V2

    yea ummmm
  17. Netjiot V2

    dat would be funny if it were true
  18. Netjiot V2

    dat foo only had 2600 saved? da fuq?
  19. Supreme.

    chill b brand is in death roll
  20. Netjiot V2

    dont post in my thread unless u posting a bib
  21. Netjiot V2

    damn that dude has wicked aim fuck