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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFgMGKpbOzE
  2. mikejd34

    Kicker L7 12"

    i actually think i found a good deal on a 15" with a 1400 watt amp. i might go for that
  3. mikejd34

    Kicker L7 12"

    ya im trying to find a 12" l7 and a kicker 750.1 amp on craigslist. i think i found one that im gonna buy for around $400
  4. mikejd34

    Kicker L7 12"

    i just dont want to spend a ton of money to buy something new. i will definatly make sure its profesionally installed tho
  5. mikejd34

    Kicker L7 12"

    its this right here http://providence.craigslist.org/ele/1111494665.html
  6. are these subs any good. i got an offer for a sealed kicker L7 w/ an amp to trade for my guitar. Is it a decent setup?
  7. mikejd34

    Sony 10/20 Battery

    L model runs on vx batteries but M model runs on different batteries
  8. mikejd34


    you tell me
  9. mikejd34

    C-film Aka Mapleswesley

    yep he scammed me too. he scammed me out of a 100$ bag. so wait now he has a new account?
  10. mikejd34


    since when can u have up to 500 rating
  11. mikejd34

    Wtt: My Guitar

    ya i figured id just give it a shot
  12. mikejd34

    Wtt: My Guitar

  13. mikejd34

    Wtt: My Guitar

    i woulod like to trade my epiphone les paul for either: -car audio -xbox 360 -ipod touch -money maybe