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  1. AptosFilmer.

    College Advice Thread

    I go to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and there are lots of 5th years and I even know some 5th years that aren't graduating this year. What I've heard that is more important to potential employers, especially for engineering, is relevant work experience like internships and shit. Even if Chemistry isn't going so well this semester just look into what careers would look like for Chem or for Mechanical Engineering. M.E. might work out in school, but you might end up in cooling systems and hate your life.
  2. AptosFilmer.

    Skateperception Subscription?

    What are these "lulz" and are they included in the subscription?
  3. AptosFilmer.

    The Official Berrics Thread

    The huge difference in the ending of the two berrics unified videos is hilarious. Between "firing like an ak" and "fuck your face". Votes are in steve, let Koston do the talking.
  4. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    Riser bars and carbon bikes.
  5. AptosFilmer.

    Mini Ramp Footage

    Constructive criticism?
  6. AptosFilmer.

    Miniramp Footage

    Constructive criticism?
  7. AptosFilmer.

    Chocolate Odessy

    What the fuck?
  8. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    I built up a deep v today to find out that I used spokes that were 5 mm too long; i get to start over lacing it.
  9. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    I would rather have a beater bike than a super cool aero bike. Use the kilo tt as a polo bike.
  10. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    Stupid idea to put a brooks on a bike made to ride in the rain. Leather saddle + water = bad. Hvx Lover, you might think tricks are dumb, but bar spins are a lot of fun. I think it is a waste of a bike when you make it just for tricks, with bmx risers, cranks, and pedals like the gaggot on the last page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOyZzTZNkp8 In that video blahblah claims to have been riding a bike for 8 months and only went on a ride once, he has only done tricks for 8 months. That is just one reason the "fixie fad" should die right now.
  11. i fucking hate you why did you comment on that topic? you little piece of fuck

  12. AptosFilmer.

    Lving On The For Dummies.

    That was worse than watching one of the new, really bad, butteryass mondays.
  13. "I dropped 2 stacks on this dress & it's comin off later With a pro skater or maybe with this waiter" Genius lyrics.
  14. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    Do you have a quick release on your rear wheel? That could explain your wheel slipping. Or your rear wheel's bolts aren't tight enough.
  15. AptosFilmer.

    The Bicycle Thread

    Anybody on sp play bike polo? I spent about 8 hours playing yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Btw. why was this thread closed?