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  1. The skating was really good, and the filming was all on point. I like how you got some long lens shots in there and incorporated them with the fisheye angles. Good stuff man!
  2. I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but last winter me and my friends came out with a full length skate video. If you'd like a copy of it DM me and I'll mail you one. It took us around 3 or 4 years to film for it, but it's out now and we've already started filming for the next project. This is an edit I put together with footage from the video. Hope you guys like it. - Mikey
  3. mikeydawes

    Birdhouse Goes Mid-west Demo

    Yeah I know, I was like shit. Haha. It was a good demo though, even though everyone left after T. Hawk was done skating.
  4. mikeydawes

    Brad Mcclain

    That dude's the definition of gnar.
  5. Birdhouse is on tour right now and they're coming to Carnegie, Pennsylvania to do a skate demo today. I can't wait to meet Tony Cock. http://birdhouseskateboards.com/site/
  6. Didn't read the interview but that promo video was sick.
  7. Let me know what ya'll think. He wanted me to make a little edit for him to try and get sponsored. Any critique is appreciated.