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  1. Here is a two song montage of the best skating ive filmed over the last year or so.
  2. Here's a video i put together for my local shop. I tried to keep it pretty basic. Just a short promo with some good east coast skating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRk8kcx2VRo...mp;feature=plcp
  3. ramonespunk98

    Summer Park Montage

    songs not serious by the way. let me know what you think.
  4. ramonespunk98

    Bethlehem Short

    white balance next time
  5. ramonespunk98

    Summer 11 Street

    let me know what you think of my throwaway street summer montage..
  6. ramonespunk98


  7. ramonespunk98

    Peach Plaza #1

    It was clear you had difficulty keeping up with the skaters.
  8. ramonespunk98

    Fs Large Button Ups/new Era Fitteds

    gold atl 7 1/2 the others are 7 3/8
  9. ramonespunk98

    Fs Large Button Ups/new Era Fitteds

  10. Here is a minipart i put together and filmed for my boys introduction to our shop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcR5Dl-H-W0...eature=youtu.be
  11. ramonespunk98

    Fs Large Button Ups/new Era Fitteds

    This is all stuff i have grown out of, ive been an xl for a while so i really would like to get rid of these. Purple one krew and the other is altamont. Just throw me an offer.
  12. ramonespunk98

    Park Minute 3

    not my best filming or editing just another park minute. ive been throwing these together quickly every week for the last three.
  13. ramonespunk98

    Random Clip

    colors were kinda bad..but the filming itself was on point. it was underexposed IMO too at least to my standards. Shit just looks grey.
  14. started doing these weekly park minutes for my shop ,...this is the first one.
  15. ramonespunk98

    Nikon D3000

    for the right offer i would be happy to do so.