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  1. randydoskate

    Florida Funn

    Definitely the most random and unplanned trip I've ever been on. Changed our destination from AZ to Florida two days before we left. With nowhere to stay, no spots and no idea what to expect, it turned out to be a really fun trip. Hope you enjoy, this as much as I did making it. Merry Christmas you sp fucks!
  2. randydoskate

    Quickie Montage

  3. randydoskate

    Vx2 Mk1 Bayoring

    who's got one?
  4. randydoskate

    Vx1000 Motherboard

    My friend gave me his broken vx1 and I'm trying to fix it with parts from my vx1. When he took it in to get an estimate the guy said it had a cracked motherboard. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried transferring motherboards and if anyone knows where I can find the motherboard within the vx or what it looks like? Thanks in advance!
  5. randydoskate

    Kanaan Dern Full Part In Flo

    sick as fuck! gonna pick up a copy soon!
  6. randydoskate

    Downtown Los Angeles

    These look great! Where was the second one taken?
  7. randydoskate

    Our California Summer

    The difference is all in the lighting. The sun is shinning directly into your lens while its not in mine, thats why the two look different. Look at the beginning of the kickflip back tail shuv line and you can see the vig looks just like yours.
  8. randydoskate

    Our California Summer

    thanks! honestly, I just got really lazy with the HD footage, those first few shots were the last clips I shot for the edit. I'll definitely get my shit together on the next one Thanks homie. The blackness of the vig? That just depends on your settings and surroundings
  9. new edit out, check it!

  10. randydoskate

    Our California Summer

    thanks everyone! any critiques?