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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    what the heck is this place
  2. Albert Ish, Chris Latina, Timothy James Kelly, Ben Lepley.
  3. Random Photo Discussion

  4. $190 for the L358, $90 for the TLA 200. Email me at nickgwhite94@gmail.com for details/questions/photos, I probably won't be checking this. I also have some Leica lenses for sale if anyone is interested (35 lux pre asph and 90/2 cron pre asph)
  5. Kodachrome Returns?

    Yo some dude on apug did k-14 by hand successfully last week or something. Badass! on the realistic note, though... we should get an order of 160nc together
  6. Happy Birthday!

    newman 4ever
  7. Dvx-100a

  8. Dvx-100a

    No trades. If you are actually interested text me and I will send you photos.
  9. Dvx-100a

  10. Dvx-100a

    Low hours, mint condition. Includes charger, hood, and cap. Looking to get $650. Text me at 847-533-1291 if you're interested/would like photos.
  11. Leica.

    Who invited Albie? What a fucker.
  12. Lost

    we will discuss this over a fat blunt on tuesday my friend
  13. Your Favourite Photos Of All Time

    bresson eggleston (his old bw work is awesome too)
  14. Fs: Mint Yashica T4 W/ Manual

    Somebody holla at thiz
  15. More of a photographer but i like to mess with film/video every once in a while. Feedback would be cool.