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  1. luisfsmuller

    A Boneless And An Ollie

    I really liked the boneless! A crop on the second one maybe...
  2. luisfsmuller

    Bak Smit

    good one!
  3. luisfsmuller

    Vietnam // Cambodia

  4. luisfsmuller

    Roof With A View

    good composition, sick shot!
  5. luisfsmuller

    James Martin - 37 Stair 5050

    Really nice one!
  6. luisfsmuller

    B/s Crooked

    b/s crook by /// Luis Muller, on Flickr
  7. luisfsmuller

    Gaught Dayum

    !!!! rad pic nice colors!
  8. luisfsmuller

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

    my instagram @luisvagal
  9. luisfsmuller

    Blue Headey Switch Grind/bs Flip

    too much contrast in the 1st.. I like the 2nd! Sick shot
  10. luisfsmuller

    F/s Boardslide

    Thanks, I did another shoot in another angle... Up stairs, but the arms hides his face! Thanks the critiques
  11. luisfsmuller

    F/s Boardslide

    natural light and shit ground f/s boardslide by /// Luis Muller, on Flickr
  12. luisfsmuller

    Wtb: 24-70mm F/2.8

    Canon 17-40mm f/4? anyone?
  13. luisfsmuller

    Dexter Daniels - Bs Smith

    I think the advertisements are ok too... I like photos that show the way streets are! Good job on that one!
  14. What you guys think about this 2 lenses?