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  1. Antwuan Dixon going to jail for three years.
  2. I find it funny people are actually surprised by this.
  3. New Clothing Company

    Doesn't help the fact its called Sharp Shred, Team Fluff and Suds or DIE!!!
  4. Netjiot V2

    Dude playing the bass so wavy.
  5. Netjiot V2

    BA BAKING SODA, I love that part especially how its chopped.
  6. Psychedelics

  7. Psychedelics

    I'm just going to go on with this but how is weed not a drug? Because its a plant? Because its natural? Opium poppies are a plant too...
  8. Psychedelics

    I think the only theory you debunked is further proving you're just trollIng and that those who use DXM are prone to long term brain damage.
  9. Psychedelics

    I think you did read my shit, hints your unoriginality and attempt to steal and rephrase the post right above you which you obviously read,further proving my point of you being full of shit and also a liar. Troll fails...
  10. Psychedelics

    You didn't debunk anything or tell me anything new, but coming from someone who thinks "dxm trips are the shit", I kinda didn't expect much. Also, not saying he/she is completely shit as far as lucydrop goes but a lot of people have said the acid is weak, a lot, not discounting those who like it but there's been a lot of talk about it. Also, just because there are good reviews does not guarantee anything, this generation has very little of a clue as to what lsd is and isn't with all that is passed off as real lsd when in reality its some rc(out of the thousands there are) and when people go off that as the base of what they think acid is, doesn't really seem reliable enough to go solely off peoples assumptions. Same goes for mdma, people can go on and on about it and love the shit, those same people could also love mephedrone and meth, no test kit, I'm not taking it and wouldn't reccomend anyone else to, know what you're putting in your body, test kit or gtfo.
  11. Psychedelics

    I know enough and need no research to presume you're just full of shit regardless of being a liar or not.
  12. Psychedelics

    What a liar, funny. Maybe you just tripped off the weed after your bunk acid not kicking in? Tolerance or no tolerance, you being a bullshitter troll lying on the internet being put to aside for a minute, 6 hits of real acid would have anyone tripping in less then four hours. Just cause you got it off SR does not guarantee anything, though it can be legit and you can assume that someone you don't know on the internet who is selling drugs to you for profit has your best interest in mind and cares deeply about you and your want for authentic drugs, you do not know unless you test, same goes for the mdma on sr, heroin,rcs, and whatever other drug power,you can assume but that is not always right.
  13. Skate owned? What skater owns New Balance?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2eNi2QWEhH0Brian