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  1. mason_burke

    Ryan Macarthur

    Worth a watch... as long as you can deal with the fucked up "Hero" Camera footage..
  2. mason_burke

    Ryan Macarthur

    Worth a watch... as long as you can deal with the fucked up "Hero" Camera footage.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEwdrwmI1fI
  3. That new East Coast Canada local thing on the come up. Check it out on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9L8ZMaSkauwWGJ0mib8eQ?feature=mhee or facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Baretta-Materialized-Vision/386229448113496 Cant wait to hear all the shit talking !
  4. Not much to say. Take a look. And talk lots of shit !
  5. mason_burke

    David Gonzalez

    I was super hyped on it, gnarly as fuck, and real fast. Im just hyped on David in general but to be honest, when you really look at the part its basically just a big collection of 5050's it seems. Enjoyed it, but don't really see any re-watch value
  6. mason_burke

    T Shirt

    so sick
  7. mason_burke

    Need A Graphic Designer

    Looking for somebody to design a pretty basic logo for me. Going to be used as kind of like.. the "basic" logo for a currently undefined project I'm working on starting with a few homies. Basically I'm looking for the letter B with like.. an old school, greaser style OTF switchblade type knife. If anybody is interested in helping me out, then please post in here. Portfolio required please. Will play via paypal.
  8. mason_burke

    Skateboarding Netjiot

    Brixton. Pretty rad company imo but does anybody know anything about who owns/operates the company?
  9. mason_burke

    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    ^^ Thats fucking insane. What could he possibly have done to get arrested hahaha. On a different note, the cop on the left looks like Lance Mountain
  10. mason_burke

    Cupsole V. Vulc

    stage 4's. I think they are going to be fucking great. I have a pair waiting to be skated but my foot is really swollen right now so I can't really wear them yet. Excited to give them a try though
  11. mason_burke

    Nikon , T2i Equivalent ?

    Yeah, thought so
  12. mason_burke

    Nikon , T2i Equivalent ?

    So, I shoot photos with all nikon gear, meaning I have quite a few nikon lenses and what not. But I was thinking on getting a t2i to film with for the summer. Just wondering, if there might be a nikon body that has similar video quality
  13. mason_burke

    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    I dont understand the whole Reynolds on Spitfire thing. I really thought he was always on. Where was he before this?
  14. mason_burke

    Sean Malto Is On Nike

    on nike, confirmed via instagram ahahaha
  15. mason_burke

    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    Malto just instagrammed himself wearing nike's and the caption is "starting the new year off on the right foot" . Too be honest, it doesnt bother me that he went to nike. He is still rad in my books