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  1. visual.sound


    This site was advertised on datpiff.com and I clicked only to find designer shoes, clothes, etc. for dirt cheap. Is this legit or fake?
  2. visual.sound

    Speeding Ticket

    I talked to the driver's education teacher in my school today and he told me that I should plead not guilty and go to court and their the DA should offer me a plea bargin and I'll still get the same fine and suspension but the points and insurance will be lower.
  3. Alright, before I start, no stupid remarks please. I made a mistake and I'm stuck with it. I got my license two mondays ago (January 28th). I was driving home today at 6:30 PM on a 35 MPH road with little traffic and got pulled over going 64 MPH. I realize the cop had to do it, I just have no clue how to deal with it. I am from New York, I do not know the exact law but I know since its within the first six months I get a fine and my license revoked till a certain age. My court date is March 3rd. I have not told my parents yet. I also lied to my parents about where I was going so I had no business being on the road I was on. I know I screwed up bad but any advice on how to handle the situation (parents, court, etc) would be great.
  4. visual.sound

    Songs That Break Your Heart

    Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" gets me.
  5. visual.sound

    Myspace/aim/etc.. Pwnage Thread

    For saying the "N" word on myspace to a white person. Him His fat white girl friend.
  6. Yes. I believe Chris Hupman was the one to turn me on to him.
  7. Everybody quitting through out the years.
  8. visual.sound

    Skate Perceptions Top Shots

  9. visual.sound

    "has This Song Been Used?"

    Elefant - Misfit ?
  10. visual.sound


    So sick, I downloaded it when you first posted it, and I'm still watching it, and relized I never commented. Sorry bout your friends.
  11. visual.sound

    I Hate Milk

    I <3 milk, I'm even drinking some right now.
  12. First get a picture, I choose this one of a plane. 2. Open it up in photoshop. 3. Next select the spot you want to zoom in on by either using the lasso tool. 4. Now go to select>inverse, after that add a add a Gaussian Blur (filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur) 4 px (DON’T DESELCET!) 5. When you did that, add a radial blur, use these settings: 6. You should come out with something like this. BEFORE AFTER
  13. visual.sound

    New Aim Virus

    About a month ago I got one what was like "Tell me this isn't you!" and one of the words was linked. Fucked my whole computer had to unistall, reinstall, and delete so many things. Then a.i.m. made it so I cant get on my screen name, so I had to make a new one.