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  1. super accurate, unfortunately the intro tho
  2. can u elaborate on that? thank you caption obvious off tpic but wasnt there someone on here with that username around 08 09? but yeah dude everyone's reality is different, which is why gooby is asking us...to get all of our different views on our perceptions of our different realities... to answer the question, yeah I do.
  3. oneohtrix point never is one of my faves.
  4. willhicks


    Word around town, Magnum's what I fit Word around town, often they still rip Word around town, Bitch I still don't got no kids Word around town is I fucked a thousand bitches Damn... Swag Top peeled back no roof yeah we killing 'em I'm in your house no shoes on Feet on your couch don't care who you are I'm a star Spent a couple mil' from skating, damn that is fucking crazy You ain't got tell me, I amaze me You can read it on my face, I am amazing Bitches feel the same thing That's why you can catch them all around my waist like a shoestring I'm all over her place when you ain't Cum all over her face Sorry you can't Liu Kang kick it Yeah they wanna' hang like nooses Though I often hit it and send them back to you bitches Fuck them twice, feed them once, give advice that leave them like: "Damn, he might be the realest I will even meet in life" True as ever, make it hard to settle Plus this empty Magnum wrapper should help you remember I am hotter than the devil, colder than below seven Though I may pretend it I hardly ever listen
  5. willhicks


    what language is he speaking
  6. willhicks

    Does Anyone Here Make Music?

    i do not make music
  7. willhicks

    Locked Off

    you killed that 1st one, awesome vibes right there 3rd is awesome too
  8. willhicks

    Who Does More Pot

    bro i think ur a little too deep into dab culture lol take J's advice before you die or worse grow blonde dread locks
  9. willhicks

    My Name Is Lil Goofy

    i dont drink anything with sugar, I dont even add sugar to coffee. Makes me feel like shit, idk i think its just my body. Soda will never be as delicious as refreshing as water and if u dont agree ur only lying to urself. Sometimes i get bummed i drink beer everyday but atleast it gets me buzzed. Soda just aint worth it
  10. willhicks

    My Name Is Lil Goofy

    wat did she kill her klonopin addiction with?