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  1. jbrowne

    Official Generator Topic

    awesome, that was exactly the response i was looking for! thanks man!
  2. jbrowne

    Official Generator Topic

    running 3 1000w ianiro varibeam (red heads). was wondering what are my generator and extension cord options are to run these 3 lights without damaging anything? thanks.
  3. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    yeah i ditched the last posting. found 3 ianiro 1000w with stands and case for $350 picked up same day. really stoked. you guys were a ton of help! thanks!
  4. jbrowne

    Let Me Know What You Think

    chad kerley and theotis beasley used that song already.
  5. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    Cameron Light Stands (10-LB102W) http://www.henrys.com/11815-CAMERON-10-LIGHT-STAND.aspx
  6. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    i've had a hard time finding totas but i came up on 2 ianiro red head 1000w plus 300w on camera light, stands plus barn doors and carrying case for $600. Best deal ive found yet so i think ill jump on it.
  7. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    sweet, thats good to hear. found 2 real 1000w ianiro's with barn doors, stands, and a 300w on camera light plus carrying case for a good price i think. thanks everyone!
  8. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    scratch that last post, im looking into the Ianiro Red Heads 1000w kit used on kijiji! any previous owners on here?
  9. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    Today ive been doing some research on the "Red Head Lighting kit" google/youtube/ebay ect and ive been reading a ton of reviews. has anyone had hand on experience with these? I'm reading you kind of get what you pay for with these since they're so cheap.
  10. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    thanks for the link! ill have this bookmarked incase i find an awesome deal this winter!
  11. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    True enough, I'm glad to know these things as you guys have much more knowledge and experience with this stuff then i do. I dont need any crazy explanations or links, i can do my own research but do you mind pointing me in the right direction as to where and what i should be looking for company wise? Thanks.
  12. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    oh wow thats an incredible deal. Ill keep that in mind and start lurking eBay and Kijiji ect. How do you like yours?
  13. jbrowne

    Lowel Tota Lighting Kit

    For the past few weeks ive been looking into purchasing a Lowel Tota lighting kit off adorama. Scrolling through the lighting topic i was hoping to find new posts but nothing past march of 2012. Deciding between 2 kits and this is what ive come up with. Budget kit vs travel kit. I have money for either one but id like to hear someone else's opinion if its worth spending the extra cash on the travel kit. Also if you think its the best bang for your buck purchase. Budget Kit- http://www.adorama.com/LLBTK.html Travel Kit- http://www.adorama.com/LLT1923ZK.html I'm pretty set on Totas because of its price/kit, 3200k frosted lamps vs a normal 2800k work light. Let me know your thoughts.
  14. jbrowne

    What Makes A Good Filmer?

    i think a large part of being a good filmer is also having a good attitude and positive energy. nobody likes to film/skate with a downer. motivate the skater to land his tricks.
  15. jbrowne

    Good Oldshool Rap

    triple 6 mafia, underground vol 1,2 & 3.