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  1. Who is this from Jacksonville?

  2. evil eds on ebay you can get like ten decks but all diff types of boards for 250ish
  3. kittay

    Fs: Sony Hi8 Camera

    i had one of those it was pretty good for a hi8
  4. kittay

    Thursday Theater...

    yeah i thought so to .... that backlip was crazy as well
  5. kittay

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    i like those telfords
  6. kittay

    Go Skate Day Miami Montage

    lol selling the wheels
  7. yeah oxy clean works good on hats ive done it before.
  8. kittay

    How To Get The Dog Shit Off Your Shoes

    lol isnt it just common sense what to do to get shit off your shoe
  9. kittay

    Need A Handle

    no the ones i saw were red an they didnt look anything like that one
  10. kittay

    Fire Montage

    the beginning made me dizzy
  11. kittay

    Buy Weed Online

    God dam good idea
  12. kittay

    Buy Weed Online

    thats because its probably some bullshit tobacco