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  1. I have an old JVC Everio HD7 camcorder that I want to get a fisheye for. I have a DSLR set up for more serious stuff but just want the camcorder set up for fun stuff/trips/ less stuff to carry. The camera has a 46mm filter thread size and shoots 1920x1080 or 1440x1080, I want to crop to 4:3 aspect ratio though. I'm trying to figure out a fisheye set up that would give me good vig when cropped to 4:3. Would the opteka 37mm .3x adapter with a 46mm to 37mm step down ring and a spacer (or two?) get me to a good place? I know on slap there was a 4:3 thread where some guys just added a vig overlay in post which can be an option too if that works better. Thanks for the help.
  2. Fallen's image is kinda wack but these are the perfect mix of board feel and padding. oh and these were good too
  3. Paul Banks of Interpol is releasing a solo album called Skyscraper under the name Julian Plenti. Anyone else psyched for this? Here's a link to the article if you're interested...Billboard Article :goldenwub:
  4. Gonzo is for sure going to take the whole thing.
  5. Meow23

    A Band

    Light the first one up more in the front and get closer/find a more interesting angle and I think that one would be nice. The building seems interesting.
  6. Meow23


    Probably for Stay Gold? I wonder how his part will compare to Mind Field...
  7. Meow23

    Best Video Parts

    Busenitz Strubing
  8. Meow23

    Favorite Ams

    Is Goemann pro yet?
  9. Meow23

    With So Much Drama In The Lbc.

    I like the laid back feeling of this photo. Seems like he probably has a good style on his board.
  10. Meow23

    Parking Garage

    Thanks guys, this was a spur of the moment shoot so i didn't have much on me except one flash, but yeah another one to brighten up her face would probably be good. And as for cropping out her foot , I wasn't really paying attention at the time, but now that you mention it, it is kinda distracting. The no shoes thing is annoying me now. Oh well, I shall remember her feet next time
  11. Meow23

    Parking Garage

    Because there was nothing else to do since I broke my board:'[
  12. Meow23

    Battle At The Berrics

    I'm happy PJ won. After landing at least a few of those obscure pressure/late flips Koston did I think he deserved to win.
  13. Meow23

    Blowin' It

    If you've got a digital, why not just use that as your light meter?
  14. Meow23


    Haha thanks for the input everyone. My friend decided he wanted to move his car into the photo, I guess to add some '91 Honda steeze? And I only had one light stand that day so the rim light was on the ground and it doesn't look like it hit him. I'll try going back and shooting it again soon. Possibly...square :angry:
  15. Meow23

    Emma & Hannah

    Rule of thirds? Colors on the clothing really pop out, however.
  16. Meow23

    Film Thread

    Haha are you being facetious? Wouldn't I get washed out colors? Or are you saying set it at 50 and pull process it or what? I was planning on buying the 50 but they only had it in 135 rolls at the camera shop...
  17. Meow23

    Film Thread

    I just bought some Velvia 100 for my Yashica 124 and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to set the ISO at? Should I just go with 100 or should I set it a little higher?
  18. Meow23

    Favorite Photo Of 2008

    I shall post 3 Ex gf : |
  19. Meow23

    Best Spot Skated

    3rd and Army was really fun for me. I was staying at a hotel in China Town and never got to skate the banks, oh well it would have sucked getting a ticket on vacation anyways: /
  20. Meow23

    Backtail & Frontsmith

    They look a little blurry, but sick tricks.
  21. Meow23


    The wall is a little blown out and the timing is a little late I think. Is he planting off the wall? Right now it just looks like an airwalk. The shadow behind him looks good though, it adds some contrast.
  22. He wasn't really feeling like doing any tricks so I shot this instead. Right section, yes or no? Large