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  1. naturalTHEATER

    Supreme, Other Clothes, Vans, Beats By Dre, Etc.

    Sorry, I wouldn't sell for anything less than $100.
  2. naturalTHEATER

    Supreme, Other Clothes, Vans, Beats By Dre, Etc.

    Supreme Cruise Shirt (Medium). BRAND NEW. $120 Supreme Black Paisley Box Logo Tee (Large). Condition 10/10. $170 Supreme x Liberty Splatter Hat. BRAND NEW. $65 Supreme Grey Boxo Logo Hoodie (Large). BRAND NEW. $315 (Trying to get Navy or Black) BEATS by Dre. Used 10 times max. Offer
  3. SCROLL TO COMMENTS TO VIEW ENTIRE LISTING. Salt Valley Western Shirt (Medium). BRAND NEW. $45 Hawkings McGill Sweater (Large). BRAND NEW. $40 Canvas "ChanHELL" Tee (Large). Fits weird and it's been worn around 5 times. $20 Undefeated Tee (Large). Worn 8-10 times. $18. Vans Classics (Size 10). BRAND NEW. $40 Rastaclat Bracelets. Lightly Worn. $6 each Supreme x Wackies Tee (Large). Worn and washed once. $40
  4. naturalTHEATER

    Broken Bones

    FOUR years ago, I tweaked my left ankle heelflipping a set. Shit got so swollen it was crazy. I went to the hospital and they said it was just a sprain, so I went home and chilled for a week. In that week, my ankle blew up so much that it was pretty much the size of a cast. It turned black and I started getting some gnarly ass fracture blisters. I went to another doctor and that dumbass said it was a sprain, too. Fuck Korean doctors. The third hospital I went to finally told me to get a MRI, and they found out that it was broken in four places. No surgery, I was just in a cast for three weeks. TWO years ago, I was hauling ass at some factory in the back with all the loading docks with banks as landings. I ollied over some curb going fast as shit without knowing that the landing was slanted. I slipped out cause my board hit the ground sooner than expected and I put my arm down to break the fall. Left elbow snapped back, but it didn't hurt. I broke it in two places and I was out for two months. FIFTEEN days ago, I was skating at a nearby metal skate park that I almost never go to. They have a pretty cool half pipe so I started seshing it with my friend. I was just doing rock and rolls, rock to fakies, and feebles to warm up cause my left foot was hurting like a bitch after I tweaked it a week before. I was going to try to learn blunt to fakies on the big part of the half pipe, so I did a sw rock to regular (fakie? o.0) to transition my way over there. On the way back in, my right leg (I'm regular) got stuck on the top part of the ramp (right under the coping) 'cause it was grippy as shit. My momentum made me fall down, but my foot was cemented the fuck onto the ramp for some reason and on the way down I heard a snap. It didn't hurt, but when I looked that shit was swollen as fuck. I went to the hospital and was in a splint for 10 days until I got surgery on the 20th. Apparently, I broke my lower fibula in two places and the fragments were going into the joint of my ankle. They put a metal plate and some screws in my leg, and it didn't hurt until the day after. Mother fuckers gave me Tylenol instead of Vicodin. Fuck it. Still in a cast right now.
  5. naturalTHEATER


    Downey High School Grade 12 1 - AP Chemistry 2 - Honors Physics 3 - AP Government/ AP Econ 4 - AP English 5 - AP Calculus AB Shitload of summer homework, but I'm sure the load will lighten once I actually start school. Studying for my SAT subject tests and my ACT, writing my college essays, and trying to finish the summer homework on time is a bitch. I think I'll do well in my classes, but I'm focusing more on my college applications. If you're a 9th-10th grader that does fairly well in high school, take my advice: get your shit straight now before you regret it. Until late in my sophomore year, I had this weird misconception that having a GPA above a 4.0 alone would get me into schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, etc. After I started attending college counseling and tutoring sessions, I began to realize that almost all students applying to such schools have GPAs and standardized test scores like mine. The majority of students applying to the top 20 universities in the US are working with 4.8+ GPAs, 2300+ SATs, 35-36 ACTs, and 780-800 subject tests. If any of you out there are seriously looking to attend universities/colleges such as Duke, Stanford, Amherst, Northwestern, University of Chicago, or the Ivys, make sure you begin to focus on your passions. As I started my college applications last month, I realized that most of my extracurricular activities (which serve to distinguish you from every other applicant with similar numbers as you) were unfocused and done in a rush to accumulate at least some hours, which I lacked entirely. I plan on majoring in Business Economics, yet my extracurriculars show no leaning towards such a field. Begin now. For example, if you plan on majoring in cinematography, as I'm assuming many of you are, intern with directors, work on sets, and start making your own portfolio with short videos to show what you are truly interested in/ capable of. All of this may seem rather sporadic and frenetic, but it's because I'm writing off the top of my head. In short, if you are a student that excels in school and are planning to attend a prestigious university, start now. Trust me, the regret that you'll face if you don't is almost overwhelming.
  6. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

  7. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

  8. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

  9. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

    thanks brahhh
  10. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

    no, it's not. Yeah good condition
  11. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

    pmd errbody
  12. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

  13. naturalTHEATER

    Massive Sale Thread.

    On the Byas Medium HUF Medium Volcom X-Large Active X-Large Jamaica Beanie/Fourstar Beanie (Never Worn) Adidas Medium Stay Gold Bonus Pack/ Boondoggle Ipod Touch 8gb Jade Republic (Canvas) Brown and Grey Size 10 (Never Worn) Nike SB Blazer Mid Size 10 (Worn Once)
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    Massive Sale Thread.

    RVCA ALL MEDIUM (Windbreaker Worn Once) Altamont Medium Altamont X-Large (Never Worn) Vans Medium Adidas Authentic Ray Allen Jersey Medium (Never Worn)