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  1. Roxda

    Berlin Trip

    Thanks man. They really have some great spots over there!
  2. Roxda

    Berlin Trip

    Yep, three boards in a row
  3. Roxda

    Berlin Trip

    Cheers mates! Glad you dig it.
  4. Hey Boys'n'Girls! Here's a montage I did from our summer tour last year. We went to Berlin (we're from switzerland) and yeah.. had a great time! I edited the thing and filmed most of the stuff. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Roxda

    Sf Edittttttttttttttt

    dig it. solid filming and skating. maybe it's just me, but at the port some shots seem a bit too bright..
  6. Roxda

    Vimeo Vs. Youtube

    It really depends. I use vimeo for all my portfolio stuff. I like it for its clean and simple design. And you don't have those terrible recommended cat videos on the right hand side.. But it's true: it's quite a different community and you don't get as much views as on youtube.
  7. I also work with avid. We learned it in school and it's still very common in the industry. Like 'skamoe said: it's very different then premiere/fcp or any other editing software. You do most of the editing with your keyboard. Nearly no drag and drop like in the other programs. That makes more difficult to learn but at the same time very fast when you're used to it. One other big difference is that avid works with a different media management. You basically have to convert all your files before you can start your project. Normally it makes sense to use avid when you work on a bigger project with lots of media and stuff. For short clips (with a lot of effects) it's easier to work with premiere/fcp or something like that. Hope that helps.
  8. Roxda

    Suburbia Promo

    That looks soo heavy! Can't wait for the full thing! Also like the lettering.
  9. Roxda

    Chris De Guzman: High-def Tape

    Nice skating. Loved the no-comply polejam at 0:29. Keep it coming! As a little sidenote: I recommend not to use the blend transition all the time.. don't be afraid of hard cuts
  10. Roxda

    Chase Amash Street Part

    dig it. good filming and sick skating!