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  1. nsp1014

    Still Haven't Shipped?

    use google translator
  2. nsp1014


    I thought the line out of the mini was filmed good.
  3. nsp1014


    walle on the tree was sick!
  4. nsp1014

    Sp's Hall Of Meat

    I looked like that after some good bud.
  5. nsp1014

    Gs500 Setup

    On my gs320 I have a Opteka 0.3x 37 mm fish eye with a few spacers and I made a custom shoemount handle. I used it for about 5 months, the handle ripped out all three screws from the camera that was attached the shoemount. I now have no shoe mount and a hole where it was before. Just throwing in my two cents, Good luck!
  6. nsp1014

    Wtb Panasonic Gs320 Batteries

    pm me if still needed.
  7. split the spacer? pm me if interested
  8. nsp1014

    Fourth Of July Park Tage

    What was this filmed with?
  9. nsp1014

    Heath Kirchart Bs-360 Mega

    I now want the GH2!
  10. nsp1014

    37 Mm Spacer

    37 mm spacer, pm me or what ever if your done to sell me one.
  11. nsp1014

    Feelin Friendly Promo

    look sick man
  12. nsp1014

    Wtb: Gs Series Camera

    I got gs320, pm me
  13. nsp1014


    If you had better angles, and your colors had color then this would have been a pretty gnarly video. tricks were good.
  14. nsp1014

    Design Feeler

    It's a little to simple for me, I'm not a big fan on Bottom Navigation either. But hey I'm not your customer so who knows. one thing you can change is your twitter button. I couldnt even see it till I looked at the page a few times, so you could make that darker. Goodluck!