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  1. Nothin, not really been filmin much, Ive actually started skating.

  2. in the 1998 puff daddy album "no way out" -victory is so fucking good.
  3. mr.optura20


    hahahaha srsly who is that guy?
  4. mr.optura20

    Go Skateboarding Day

    sydney is sick dont complain
  5. mr.optura20

    Sony Vx1000

    next time: spoogle dude http://pixelbypixeldesign.com/spoogle.html
  6. mr.optura20

    How Do U Guys Capture Your Footy?

    ok i will try, it will be weird tho, cuz im used to edit with all the footy so i can put some attempts or falls or just random funny shit in.
  7. mr.optura20

    How Do U Guys Capture Your Footy?

    no, i havent had a single glitch in my footy, i dunno its weird
  8. mr.optura20


  9. mr.optura20

    My Shit Got Stolen Topic

  10. mr.optura20

    Gs300 Should I Jump On It?

    ask him what tapes did he used so you can continue with the same ones, or run a head cleaner so you can start using another brand of your prefference, also ask him to send u some pics so u can see the condition of the camera.
  11. mr.optura20

    Stupid Question

    your welcome.
  12. mr.optura20


    peña es el hombre...
  13. mr.optura20

    If Sp Was High School

    bad translation dog