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  1. jefffribourg

    Video Netjiot

    http://vimeo.com/24174453 little short i shot of my girlfriend up at a ranch in los olivos california. shot in 45 minutes including the time we spent running from bulls and cut in about an hour. thanks, jeff
  2. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    i have people that will vouch for me like ryan who is an awesome guy and has been vouching for me without me even having to ask. im going to brazil thursday and have tons of preparations to go through before i go as well as 2 jobs and a 2 day gig. i understand if your not comfortable. ill try to upload a tape this week but like ive said i would only be able to upload and by that time i might already be gone. i have someone that could ship out for me if anyone gains interest while im out of town. ill also have internet and hopefully a phone. im not on here very often anymore because of the countless times ive been scammed but im legit and am looking to get rid of this beautiful camera.
  3. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    im getting ready to leave the country so im not going to have any time to upload some footage for mabey a month since ill be out of town for upwards to 2 weeks.
  4. jefffribourg

    Canon 7d Video Setup

    trade vx1000 setup for 7d body? propably just want to sell but though id try. glws
  5. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    yeah man let me get some footage for you some time tomorrow. i have to go and get my cap cam from my friend. im interested in the 85+ cash
  6. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    ill get some. i shot mabey half a tape if that on it.
  7. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    bump. someone pick this up. i need to expedite my passport today in order to get it on time.
  8. jefffribourg


    yeah good thing ive never ripped anyone off karmas only a bitch if you are haha
  9. jefffribourg


    i have a few people helping me which is very generous and nice of them but i just hope to get my belongings back.
  10. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    850 with lens
  11. jefffribourg


    haha i wont. the problem with it was i only had like 400 posts at the time and he had like tripple my shit and had sold and traded a bunch of things.
  12. jefffribourg


    i know thats why ive staed clear of SP i love most of the people on here but there are a few lurking in the shadows that are complete dicks. ive tried to give him the benefit on this as i always do but its been way to long
  13. jefffribourg


    this kid is a scammer ive been trying to deal with him since october to get my shit back since he backed out on the trade and was bassicly asking for my gear for a ridiculous low ball. if anyone can help me get my things back i will compinsate you for your help. thanks, Jeff
  14. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    im not really sure how much i really want but ill do something like 1000 for the whole setup. offers are more then welcome
  15. jefffribourg

    Vx1000 & Opteka Deatg

    im trying not to split to have a better chance of getting a fair amount of money. i got scammed on here a little bit ago and havent really been on since so im looking for one smooth transaction with someone whos legit instead of 3 transactions. thank you ryan you are a good man!