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  1. jkoroscil

    Wtb Gravis Dylan

    i own the black croc leather ones wit da laces. they smell so fucking good, fine italian leather. I'm waiting on a classy party to go to, to wear them out. they've just been sitting in the box brand new. but they fit like a glove. they cost too much for me to justify skating in them at this point. one day i'll film some bangers in em tho.
  2. if you still have this at the start of april i will buy it.
  3. jkoroscil

    Vx1000 60fps

    i really liked the look of that clip. how exactly do i do it? do i have to edit it in a 720p60 timeline (and render a fuck ton) ? and i guess if i edit in the 720p60 timeline, there is no need to do any deinterlacing? thanks in advance.
  4. jkoroscil

    Wtb: External Hard Drive

    nvm 300 plus shipping cuz its kinda heavy n fragile
  5. jkoroscil

    Wtb: External Hard Drive

    300 shipped my nigga
  6. jkoroscil

    Wtb: External Hard Drive

    check my NAS in my thread. willing to let go for a much lower price then i posted. hit me up with an offer. it's 2 x 2 tb 7200 rpm toshiba (i think; off the top of my head) 3.5" harddrives
  7. jkoroscil

    Another Selfie Edit

    it looks like u should turn your shutter speed up in some clips like the love park shit
  8. jkoroscil

    Hvx200 W/ Opteka .3x Test

    i'd crop a little bit more even. and work on your colors, maybe invest in a good mic, get out of the skatepark
  9. jkoroscil

    Lock'em In Da Trunk

    a little underexposed on some clips, song was questionable, try turning your nd filter off and your shutter speed up on those sunny days
  10. jkoroscil

    My Full Length (it Sucks)

    pretty cool, i don't understand why you use that camera tho whatever it is
  11. jkoroscil

    First Vx1 Mk1

    sick quality. fuckin get right close with that fisheye doe, keep it up
  12. good filming, cool trick selection
  13. jkoroscil

    Vegetarians And Vegans?

    as soon as i move outta my moms house and gotta buy my own groceries you best believe i'm buying that 5 dollar a tomato shit (ORGANIC) i used to drink like 10 cokes a day and eat a frozen pizza and chocolate n chips like everyyyy day but i decided to change my lifestyle to stay healthy get skinnier and just be able to skate for hours without getting sore because my body is healthy as fuck. and i wouldn't go straight vegan but i would barely buy/eat meat/eggs... possibly cheese too. i fucking love cheese tho and it doesn't make me fat like some people.. idk living healthy is hella fun and rewarding imo
  14. jkoroscil

    Painting Vx's

    id like to hear more about re alligning your vig... that sounds sick.