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  1. brandonnicholson

    Citi TV Episode 3 - Montage

    My dude! These videos are awesome. The snowboarding one you posted last week was dope too!
  2. Think the last time I posted I had my speed 3. Got a 99 Cherokee, did lift, tires, ect.. Sold speed 3 2 years later. Looked for an evo for 6 months or so ended up coming across a speed 6 with a brand new long block just installed for cheap. Had 5 miles on it when I bought it. Sold jeep to my buddy and got a 04 f250. Gotta hit the dyno with the speed. Should be around 350 whp. Got a precision 5858 turbo with other goodies. Built motor and diff going in within the next few months along with a new to me transmission. Probably do a meth kit this summer and should put me around 500whp.
  3. brandonnicholson

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Just picked up a 7d this week. Got rid of my t2i and all the lenses a few years back. Time to re learn everything and hopefully actually use it for some snowboarding this year. Have a ef 50mm 1.8 from my old 10d.. seems to be better quality than the efs 50mm 1.8 i had for my t2i. Planning on picking up a canon 8-15mm in the future but haven't decided if its worth it or not yet. Will probably just pick up a many brand for the time being.
  4. Nice, i was looking for a P5 for a while but ended up in my speed3. Give this thread a look through.. this guys p5 is insane. http://www.mazdaspeedforums.org/forum/f29/mp5t-59282/
  5. Get a manual, i think everyone should be able to drive a manual just because.
  6. Hmm.. any reason you went with sure? They have a pretty shitty rep these days. Hopefully that mount doesn't fall apart on you like it has been for others.
  7. Corollas are cheap, my girlfriend has one. Gets like 35 mpg. Camry, corolla, civic...
  8. I have rear motor mount tranny mount and passenger side motor mount in my car. First 1000 miles was fucking ridiculous. They break in but they're definitely still there lol. It wakens up every rattle in the car.
  9. I remember telling you but don't remember if you ever did or not... upgraded fuel pump internals? nevermind just saw your post on fb. Rear motor mount is an easy install. Crazy how much of a difference it makes that 1-2 shift as well haha.. Enjoy the silence of your car now if you ever plan on doing full mounts.
  10. brandonnicholson

    2 Turnt Shift

    Dig them all. Mary Rand slays.
  11. I've thought of doing e85 but don't want to drive an hour into boston every time i need it. Seeing some of the locals cars makes me want to spend some more money on go fast parts but i need to do suspension and shortly after i will need some new tires. Thank you for getting rid of those hideous tail pipes
  12. I don't mean to be a dick and i know there are some bmw people on here but, why don't you join up on a bmw forum and ask them? You're going to get way more help on there than on here haha.
  13. brandonnicholson

    Macbook Stuck On Start Up Screen

    Weird, i used my girlfriends mbp the other day and it did this to me. Never heard her say anything about it before. I just pressed and held the power button till it went off then tried again and it worked after about 30 seconds. I looked it up and people were saying hard drive issues if it continue doing that.
  14. brandonnicholson

    Opteka .3 Vig Help!

    Looks better on the right anyway, i'd keep doing what you're doing.
  15. brandonnicholson

    Photographers Can Shred Too!

    I hope ski patrol pulled his pass. what a jerk.