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  1. flixy

    A Sandy Place...

    Ok chaps, Apologies for potentially the wrong section but I figured people might actually look at this and get some replies here. I'm going to Afghanistan in 3/4 weeks or so and am planning to take a lot of photos when I'm out there. So far I have an Olympus tough as my digital P&S but I would like to take a 35mm P&S or potentially a good compact 35mm/digi SLR. I have a yashica T5 but it appears to have a light leak and so has been crossed off my list. Weight/equipment care is going to be an issue so any suggestions about either will be appreciated. Especially with regards to caring for film after its been shot in hot/dusty conditions. I am going to be carrying a LOT of shit, so the smaller and lighter the better. Any suggestions welcome? Or just general tips. If you were going to Afghanistan what would you do?
  2. flixy

    Post Yourself Shooting

  3. flixy

    Vx1000 Tape Deck

    The answer will always remain the same to be honest... If in doubt: send to VE. I had a similar problem and it was a problem with the circuitry/power in the main board. However, it is very possible it could be the gears on the tape deck stiffening up etc. I also believe that there are some pretty important springs in the deck that can get bent/worn out over time. Has your camera taken a hit to the body recently?
  4. flixy

    New King Of The Road Payment And General Info

    it involves a filmer skating a handrail in some way. I'm pretty sure it would/could count.
  5. flixy

    Official Generator Topic

    31kg? and I bet its loud as fuck too..
  6. flixy

    Lens Hits

    dropped my vx after hitting a stone the other week, mines literally gone on one side.. Is there an actual way to fix this or am I just going to have to wait out till I drop it again? :goldenwub:
  7. 'u kno the ruteen' 'z shit' 'faded (rip big l)'
  8. flixy

    Lowel Tota Generic Power Cords?

    yeah the actual lowel cords themselves aren't very long... well mine certainly aren't. They only really reach the base of the stands I use.
  9. s8me. Was a good edit, could only have been made better if I hadn't seen a lot of those clips before in other montages. Liked the clips during the credits, a nice touch.
  10. Serious lack of backbone.. Look at how his mates just sit there with these terrified expressions after the second punch. Why wouldn't they just fill him in?
  11. flixy

    Bmx Videos

    dude is sick
  12. flixy

    Why Does My Vx1000 Settings Change?

    I've never found it to be a massive issue really, provided you are wise to the fact that the settings need re doing and don't just carry on filming..