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  1. Matt.K

    For Sale : Vx1000mk1

    no split
  2. Matt.K

    For Sale : Vx1000mk1

    For my brother: Everything works nicely, the only thing on the vx is the cage mic on the left is loose but the rubber band does the trick. the view finder is taped on because the attachment mechanism broke the mk1 has a small scratch near the middle and only shohs in footage if it's hit by direct light and some scratches on the casing but i got both lens caps Canon bag included. 2 batts 2 chargers 2 more batteries for vx2000, and 3 sony premiums as well $950 obo
  3. Matt.K

    New Montage - Vx1000 East Coast

    damn my son really tried 2 tell jamie how 2 use his vx...
  4. Matt.K

    Fs: Nvidia Gtx 970 G1 Video Card

    no1 is buying a second hand card even that new for only 100 off cmon quit playin
  5. soo funny you know cameron and coleman.
  6. Matt.K

    N E T J I O T ∞

    moving to **** april 5 hope to roll around with some of yall out there.
  7. evan e said i didnt skate. ive been skateboarding for like over 10 years lol
  8. Matt.K

    Downsides To Vx's?

  9. why dont you shit post to your tumblr instead of here
  10. Matt.K

    Brand New F A Hat

    yeah i like that album too
  11. hell yeah thats so sick dude i love hearing about your lil accomplishments thats sick man