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  1. IFILMct

    Stoop Kids Promotional

    right now we're only on stickers but shirts are coming in about 3 weeks
  2. IFILMct

    Stoop Kids Promotional

    that's what im going for, the name of the company is get stoopid... hahaha. and im pretty sure gbp and the caked guys pull it off the best
  3. I made a promotional video for my company, Stoop Kids, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixwxZkY9w7c and was looking to get some feeback. Give me your worst i am ready. and if you'd like to support us give us a like on our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/stoopkidsct thanks!
  4. IFILMct

    Footage Inside Titles?

    i did this and everything went black
  5. whenever rendering from after effects i always turn the audio on, and put the compression, or whatever, to none, and that's it. is there anything better i could be doing because the footage always ends up slightly grainy and a tad over exposed. a picture of your best setting would be extremely appreciated, and my apologies if this has been done before.
  6. IFILMct

    Dust Under The Lens

    IT WORKED :goldenwub: :goldenwub: :goldenwub: :goldenwub:
  7. after shipping my camera i noticed the was a VERY miniscule speck of dust under the lens on my vx1000, if this didn't pose a problem i could care less but it turns up in a decent amount of footage as a tiny, dark, out of focus dot and it quite annoying. any ideas on what the hell i can do??? it shows up especially when it's sunny
  8. IFILMct

    Twitch Effect

    definitely do this
  9. IFILMct


    last lump
  10. DI3 H4RD or DI3 P41NFULLY

  11. sick song, liked the editing, filming wasn't bad at all
  12. IFILMct

    Linden Skatepark

    filming/angles need some small improvements, try not to film a downrail from way behind it usually doesn't end up looking good. editing was pretty decent. But odd future and skating don't make for a good montage imo, the bass is always too overpowering and it just doesn't flow well usually.
  13. IFILMct


  14. IFILMct


    do what it do- Curren$y BUMP
  15. IFILMct


    Spent about 30 minutes filming with my friend at ledgewood park, let me know what you think.